Saturday, 30 October 2010

One year, six months, loc'd and loving it.


Last night I was up late catching up on my LIU inbox, I had over 400 unread emails! while reading them I saw the date and realised it has been one month since I last blogged.

I have been busy with life generally, however, I have also been in a deep contemplation about the hair loss issues my fellow bloggers have faced. There are quite a few ladies having this experience in varying degrees. Their situation made me reflect seriously on this "hair thing" and I try to put it all in perspective. It is just hair, and it is dead, and I personally need to be careful how much emphasis I put on it, after all, I am more than the dead keratinized material emerging from my skull. Because I know how I would feel in such situation, my prayers and love go out to those lovely ladies who face this challenge. I cannot advise where I would struggle! I know, I have been there, twice before!

On a lighter note,

I been a bad girl, first off, I have always been lazy, never good at doing my hair previously and getting worse because loc's are so easy to manage. I got to a point over the past months where I wouldn't even bother to spritz or oil! I mean I just didn't do it. One morning I looked good at myself and gave myself a talking to, picked up my Rose water and Gylc bottle and 'sorted it out' ... !

Also, many who have followed my blog know how much I love to wash my hair, well I wash it when I want to, which means as often as twice a week at times ( mainly because I can do my own retights and repairs) I am guilty of that today. I washed my loc's on Thursday and then did a condish today.

Last weekend, Friday leading into Saturday early morning, I spent retightening my hair. I really wished somebody would have done them for me, but once I started I managed to do them in good time. I started after 1 pm in the afternoon, amidst cleaning, cooking, and washing. I completed by 1.40 am Saturday morning. I washed my hair later that afternoon, and went out that evening. Later however, I find that I have been having a really itchy scalp at night and cannot stand having my silk scarf on while I sleep. I am seriously contemplating silk/satin pillowcases! However, though I also find my loose hair also quite irritating too ... go figure!
I suspect that the length and thickening of my hair is creating the discomfort. Trust me I am really not complaining but will have to find a way to DEAL WITH IT!

Regime and products.

I love Aubrey organics, honeysuckle rose shampoo, that is a definite keeper, but can't resist trying something new. Soo lets see what I been using ...

I was inspired to try Baby shampoo, and found it lovely and light to use. It does a good job, cleansing gently and smelling good, a long lasting scent, I also loved the feel and look of my locks after.
The next week I found a bottle of I Love Juicy by Lush. I suspect it is clarifying and found it a tiny bit drying, and also my loc's felt slightly rough and frizzed. ( So I second washed with baby shampers!) Juicy was a good cleansing shampoo though. I would use it again.

A week later, I kept up with Baby shampoo then second washed with Honeysuckle Rose because I missed the scent. I am just in a place of indecision lol!

Thursday I used Pantene aqua light shampoo and Condish, mainly because they claim to prevent build up, which is obviously great for loc's. I pre-washed with Dax Vegetable Oil shampoo which literally does what it says on the bottle. I must say after that my loc's were really CLEAN and felt good and looked good too! I used the conditioner, and left it on for a few hours. I rinsed later and lightly oiled using Healing oil. My loc's looked healthy, shiny and the smelled really goooood!!

Today I was just, I don't know ... I wanted to just condition them! So I rinsed under the shower and then used my Honeysuckle rose which is a thick white conditioner, I made SURE I rinsed well and examined each lock carefully. If you are a newbie PLEASE DO NOT use this product ... I had to re lock about 4 loc's that loosened. Next time I will dilute the product, However, I figure that I clarify regularly and I do not use any shampoo or products that cause build up.


My loc's are getting longer and I really should consider curling. I am concerned about weakening them as my locks are micro in some places and I do not want to stretch and weaken them further. I do need to try curling or braiding though because they are growing fast and I have varying lengths and braiding should help provide an even style.

random long loc's doing their thing.

Loving my Locs.


This post is longer than I anticipated, and I haven't talked about my escapades. Would you believe half term has come and gone this past week and I have spent it training. Last Saturday I began my personal goal to attend 3 pump classes in a week, the first at 10 am that morning.

So Saturday a.m - Pump. Monday a.m - Pump. Tuesday a.m -  LBT's. Tuesday p.m - Pump. Wednesday rest ( and boredom!). Thursday a.m - Zumba.
Friday a.m - training on the equipment for a couple hours. Today? BED!! Hair conditioning, rest, aches, and relaxation. Could really do with a massage!

Believe me, the results are EVIDENT! I am no longer a size ten in all stores LOL!

Legs, thighs and butt have large muscle and these muscles have been worked, enhanced and are now standing firm. Not my opinion, but that of a good friend who saw me this afternoon in immodest clothing (mini dress) hee hee.
I cannot repeat her Jamaican patois exclamation! Rude! haa haa! Love ya Miss M.

Also, big shout out to my gym buddy Miss C who is considering embarking on the journey! Welcome sweetie, you will not regret it. Welcome also to other ladies who I have spoken to in the past months about my hair and who have been inspired by my loc journey and are transitioning and saving for their moment!

My fellow bloggers and viewers welcome and please feel free to critisize my product junkieism, or inspire me further ... all constructive comments are welcome. Feel free to respond as it makes blogging far more interesting ... :)

Love and Blessings Nai ... x

Just had to post my new personal theme tune of the moment, as this is what I seem to spend my time doing and loving ... :))))

Black Eyed Peas - Pump It