Friday, 19 November 2010

Product Reviews, shampoo and conditioners.

The last few weeks have been long, I didn't manage to get my version of a 'weekend' 2 weeks ago. However, what I did get was worth far more than anything I could imagined. When GOD wants to bless you, He truly will move in mysterious ways.

Last Saturday however, I had chosen to remain in a somewhat vege state, making effort only in the things I found pleasure in, heaven! I endeavored, however, to recap on my hair washing/product escapades of the past 2 weeks.

CURLY WURLY by LUSH cosmetics.

One friday I spent a few hours on my lovely locks, I decided to be a bit of a coco nut, I tried, rather I applied the dreaded Curly Wurly by Lush ...
WHYYYYY! ? Well because it is a beautifully thick luxurious concoction of coconut and vanilla and together they are just ...  mmm ...! and ...

...  my friends, it is an amaaaaazing product. I LoVE it, but for one tiny problem, or rather a thousand tiny problems ... it contains real dessicated coconut pieces, (15% or a bit more I think the Jar said).

Hmm Yeah ... think about,  how the heck did i get it  OUTTA my locks .... hmm, yeah ... ! snm!

I will be making a BEGGING call to Lush to please please, please, produce CW without the silly bits because the product itself left my hair feeling .......... LUSH, moisturised shiny and smelling real gooood!
As I could not resist the urge to try it again, I gave the rest away to remove the temptation. I do not want build up ... ever!

Honey and Olive shampoos and conditioners. BODY SHOP. (discontinued).

While on the lines of disappointment ... I have discovered another wonderful shampoo, from Body Shop, My Loc's  feel and smell beautiful, I mean really lovely, only to find out that the product range has been discontinued ... in fact TWO shampoos I think are great have been dis'cond, Honey shampoo and Conditioner, AND Olive Shampoo mentioned in an earlier post have disappeared ... :(

The Honey Moisturising poo did exactly as it said it would ... and the condish was and is FAB ( luckily I have 2 bottles still but only one shampoo.

So there has been a method to my madness of buying en mass! (I originally purchased these last year and was waiting for my locs to mature before I tried them) Just in case the 'bleeps' decide to rebrand and ignore the wailing of the masses!

Re-growth, Maturity and Thickness.

Now I cannot swear that my shampoo and condish rampage have done this, it could be the cold weather or just simply my season, however, my locks at the roots appear well overdue for a reti, and I only did them 4 weeks ago. (Its Lizs turn!!!) my appointment is next saturday. They are longer, thicker and stronger  and I just had to find a way of showing this clearly in pics. I recognise today that some pics really do not show the quality of them and I feel that this is an important factor for those who are researching Loc process and progress.

As well as changing my shampoo every week, one evening I found myself braiding/ twisting for a change, and finally at 18 and a bit months, my locks are finally mature enough to handle the manipulation. Although my crinkles do not last, i need to braid nightly.

Just to recap and inform all readers that my hair has been a challenge to lock and I still have at list 5 at the front left of my head that insist on completely slipping out. I am now, quite good at reinstalling them myself. Even the ones that completely come free. I know conditioning does not help, but I am 98% matured and have to consider the Locs that need a deeper level of conditioning.

DAX Vegetable Shampoo.

This is my staple clarifier at the moment because it clarifies without drying and leaves my Lovly Locs squeaky clean, shiny even. I need to make sure that I clarify to avoid the dreaded build up

Finally ... Natural Haven broke the news that Oyins has finally found a retailer in the UK (nexrastore - the home of natural beauty.

Oh and just to let you know that I am awaiting delivery of another brand of shampoo that I can STILL purchase/use. I should receive that tomorrow!

Locs braid out (day old)