Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Locked for Life ... I think.

Recommendations; please, lock lovers and wearers out there, can you please comment and suggest a good leave in moisturiser or conditioner that you have tried, tested and proven on your or another's locks? All suggestions appreciated.

My Thoughts.

Yes. I have considered, for a day, what it would be like to be a loose natural.

A week ago I let my curiosity loose and watched hair care videos about how to loosen locks. I even know what conditioner I would use. Those of you who have followed my journey are aware that my hair has only JUST locked, and even now, I find the odd lock of completely loose (slipped) hair.

I have no problems with my locks, in fact, I love them. I am just more informed now of the various methods of natural hair care which is (now) very widely publicised. I was oblivious in the past. I am also a woman who likes options.
I am just curious, but not stupid. I am also quite lazy and not great at styling. Loose natural is a part time job and I have 2 full time jobs already! Maybe one day ...


My apologies to my viewers and friends for my sparse blogging.

It is simply a matter of life.

I have much to report and will endeavour to fill you all in now. Bullet point form might have to do tho!


. I have ben approached by a random young man while paying for goods in a hair shop, He just came in to tell me how beautiful my locks were ...!

. My friend MR at work is constantly commenting on how much she likes my hair now and how much it has grown.

. MR has even identified my lone ranger long lock and pulled it to show ME how long my hair is ...! love her!

. My hair loves being washed, and I think I have noticed a growth spurt after I washed it twice in a week.

. BIG (shampoo by LUSH) is forever! My hair LOVES salt! and whatever ingredients are in it.

. I have pulled out an OLD bottle of Nexxus Humectress Condish, and my locks LOVE it. only to find they have reformulated and now included silicones and removed glycerin!!! (growl! WHYY!)

. I am a naughty Nai and ventured to test Dr Organics range of shampoos ( virgin olive oil and rose otto shamp and condish, will report back asap.)

. I plan to visit a Morris Roots Salon because a pamper and steam would be nice ...

. I am not sure if I will colour my locks ...  I could not stand the dryness!

. My 'fringe' touches the tip of my nose ... time for 'up' do's!

. My son (including others of the male species) and my school mates have stated how beautiful I am with my locks in an up do ...! So much so it was insisted upon this very morning!
(however, that style causes stress in my head and I cannot bear it for long time spans).

. I have pure coconut oil and Vatika oil. I am preferring Vati as it is blended and my Locs thrive on it. (pure coconut oil is too strong in scent for me).

. I am still trying to find the best moisturising mix/product available.

. So I shampoo with BIG from Lush, Condish with Humectress.  I often pre condition with Olive Oil applied direct to locks. I apply Vatika to damp locks and leave to be absorbed.

I posses pipe cleaners, but too lazy to try them. Too lazy for a braid out too ...
in fact ...

. I simply ... LOVE my locks freestyle ...!

And Finally ...

What is a Blog without an updated display? 21 months (almost 22!)