Tuesday, 1 March 2011

DIY Retightening at 1 Year 8 months

I ALMOST posted twice in 7 days! Almost ... not quite.
One problem is that there is a lot to report but most times I do not remember it all.

Locking stage.

I think I am in the teenage lock stage, with one or two defiant locks of hair that REFUSE to participate in the process. oh well! I am still very happy.


Love washing my hair, now I do it twice a week.  ( NOT a good idea until one's hair is THOROUGHLY locked)
However, I do two gentle washes, once a week with BIG shampoo (clarifying and volumizing), and the midweek wash with Honeysuckle Rose moisturizing shampoo by Aubrey Organics.

Loc'ing helped to CURE my skin condition!
YES! I said it! My skin has NEVER been sooo Good! I will do a skin comparison next time. As the use of weave hair, chemicals, diverse lotions and creams have ceased and I have become natural in ALL areas, including my diet. More water consumption, etc Thanking God for the inspiration!
A healthy diet = healthy skin = healthy hair. and that is a clear and obvious fact! 
(Pics taken with no make up, i.e foundation or powders!)

The Braid Out.

A strangely sunny half term Friday morning, I washed my hair two evenings before, braided and slept. Loosed them the next day and went out product hunting in North London at PAKs store. Washed Braid outs look lovely and last longer, the pics above reflect the style two days later.

DIY Reti ...

At 1Yr 8 Mths, I did it myself. I was not planning to do it. I normally set aside the whole day, uninterrupted to complete. However, it took me approx 7 hours! I started it absentmindedly at about 7 ish in the evening (after a brief washing session) and almost completed the lot by about 12.30 am!  I didn't do a thorough check until Monday pm and went about tightening any I missed. That took less than an hour. 
So I am a VERY happy lady! BTW, My last Consult retight took 3 hours ... an hour longer than usual. I also strategically tightened a clear parting to incorporate a style, like C does when she reti's for me. 
That is a big deal as most times I am just happy to get the job over with! 
Last night I  used ORS olive oil setting lotion to set my loc's in braids and here are the pics of them at the end of today.

PRODUCTS THAT WORK FOR ME. (hair that is slow to lock and easy to loose, thirsty, water (moisture) loving hair )

BIG shampoo, Lush (5*) favorite product (very effective in clarifying)

Honeysuckle Rose, and Green Tea Shampoos, Aub Orgs 4*

Rose Water and Glycerin (spritz) 4*

Vatika coconut oil 4.5*

Pure Coconut Oil (NOT in the early stages) 4*

Cantu Shea Butter (5*)
(Sooo hydrating, such a great surprise! might try the other products in the range!)

Olive Oil ( pre wash conditioner) 4*

ORS Olive Oil setting Mousse

Nexus Humectress Ultra Moisturising Conditioner 5* lovely soft loc's (old formulation I still using!)

(now changed to Humectin ... I think!!.. (after deep study and careful consideration) I had this bottle for the last 5 years and been using it for about 10 years! Now, they changed the formula to include silicone,
I do not want this, so found Humectin a very close match to the old formula.

Dr Organics (?)
I have the Rose Otto, Virgin Olive oil , oh and Honey too ... umm they are O.K.  The scent of Rose was OK, slightly volumising.
But, my top 3 are FAR more effective ... for MY hair type.
Not happy that my local Holland and Barrett stopped stocking Aub Orgs in favour of Dr Organics, not a good move methinks!

Now, I live in England and the weather can be bitter with cold, and drying. I will have to change my combinations of products to suit the climate change. I have to do that with my skin too, what works in winter may be too much for  a British spring/ summer.

Ok Lock Lovers, thats it for now, Please feel free to comment and add your thoughts and suggestions. thanks for following!