Sunday, 23 September 2012

Happy Hair, hints, tips and pics!

The installation of my SisterLocks is responsible for the enhancment of my beauty routine (which was never low maintenance by any means! lol). In particular, my skincare. I first purchased AAA Shea Butter African Black Soap to wash my locs and for some reason I cannot recall I used it on my skin, and was thrilled with the results. This brand is the most effective I have found at removing acne and the scarring over time, the only thing ever to have worked this well.


1. I find that It can be good practice to alternate products to achieve the best result for your hair type. Select the few effective shampoos that give you the desired result and maybe alternate seasonally or whenever the mood hits!

2. Build up becomes increasingly obvious on longer locks as a) You can now obviously see more of them unlike before. b) They tend to come in contact with increased amounts of undesirable fabrics and material.

 3. I Use a Clarifying shampoo first and moisturising shampoo for second wash to condition and restore moisture.

4. Not all MATURE Lock types can manage cream conditioners, (I just can't seem to rinse rinse rinse enough!) If you are like me, then try a leave in water based conditioner. I have recommended a few.

5. To avoid unnecesary build up, cover hair at night with silk/satin bonnet or scarf and pony tail, if possible, when travelling on public transport.

6. Before Sisterlocks I was never a grease-your-scalp type girl. I couldn't understand why I needed to.
Only when I had my SL's installed did I find out that my hair type actually prefers water. I ALWAYS loved washing my hair but didn't know my hair liked it more! So I find that using a light water/oil based spritz 2 to 4 times a week keeps my locks happy, depending on the season. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi moisture mist forever its 5*!


7. I regularly braid out now, the pics here and below are an after-wash braid out. I use Crinkles and Curls in between washes. Braid outs after wash last longer on my hair type, however they didn't ever last longer than 48 hours.

8. Steaming is a regular treat overall, but find it great for my hair :).

The Current Routine, revised each season.

NEW, Yes to carrots (tomatoes!) Suave daily clarifying, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Shampoo.

REGULAR, in rotation, Paul Mitch Awapuhi Mist,
Arosci leave in conditioner and KEMI conditioning spray.

Crinkles and Curls for baidouts etc.
9. Frequently I have read reviews about SUAVE clarifying shampoo, well experience is a great thing because I completely agree with is effectiveness in dealing with build up. Annoyingly, I had noticed so much more of it recently. However, I have used Suave twice and the results are clear ... It works!

10. My locks love pure Coconut oil, but I can no longer stand the scent, so need to find a suitable alternative ... :(. I currently heat it up and blend with olive oil in various forms.

11. Brushing ... simply love it! There is a video log on YouTube about lock brushing, it recommends that brushing before washing will dislodge any debris that may eventually embed itself. I don't have a special brush but I do use gentle strokes.