Friday, 31 May 2013

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013 Review Part 1.

Yes  we went to the show, Luckily it was another beautiful day in our city as we ventured out that morning to the Business Design Centre for the Afro Hair and Beauty show 2013.
We arrived a little after 11am, unsure of the parking requirements, we decide to pay to park in the design car park, paying just over £6 for 2 hours with an additional £3.10 thereafter. 

It had been my intention to arrive well before the masses descended, especially as the sun had finally risen, and everyone desired to make the most of its glorious appearance.

The mood was good, beautiful people bustled, jostled and smiled. Product reps thrust goodies and bags filled with literature and mini product samples. I confess, I had been positively anticipating this event. 
Mixed Roots were heavily presented at the front of the  venue, they were giving a demonstration and I  wasn’t really able to have the tete au tete I had experienced with others. I 

  Had a great time talking to Wendy of MIXED CHICKS, she gave me a great deal on the shampoo and leave in conditioner which I had in mind for Miss Kay (dtr) Mixed chicks have been around for a while and my main interest is for my eldest who is a great lover of the products, and that long haired boy of mine.

 Taaliah Waajid was very well presented this year. I was very happy to have met product rep Renee, who tried to introduce me to the scalp refresher (dry shampoo), But if you all know anything about me, hair washing time is a JOY, it will be replaced and can’t come around soon enough for me! I will say however that the junkie in me had second thoughts, I tried in vain to return to buy a bottle (3 products were going for £10) got there ... sold out! Hey ho, snooze you lose!

Dicksons (of Hackney?)

Jan and I bought some natural products from Dicksons herbal stall, pure shea butter, black soap and an Aloe Vera plant. 


A Celebration of Four, Yes FOUR Years Sisterlocked ... time flies when you love your journey.

In the beginning ...

I thought it would be quick and easy. But, I quickly discovered how much damage had been done from simply tight braiding and weaving, not to mention years of processsing. You thought hair was dead, mine definately was, and it took a very long time to recover and adapt to its natural state.

The morning after - 29 May 2009 - first day out.

It took a couple of years.

before my hair began to trust me again, trust that I would not colour of process it, honestly it felt as though I was allowing a very sick part of e to heal, I am not my hair, to coin a phrase, however my hair is a part of me. I was making the skin of my scalp sick by abusing it, everything I did to my hair, I was also doing  to my scalp. It was simply unavoidable.

And now ...
... the work really begins, longer locks, more responsibility. My journey has evolved from growth to effort in maintaining lint free/dust free/mould free SisterLocks. Serious attention is paid to my enviroment, products (I have less in rotation) and now even my ReTi schedule has altered drastically.

Here and Now
... today Liz Joseph of Locks Royale did my ReTi for me!
28 May 2013 - Post ReTi, sore headed and happy!
Just under 2 hours in total, boy, did my scalp cry!