Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Reminisce on the locks we have ... the year so far (2) pics

Why did I do it this way?   .... Because I could ... :)

In a very reflective mood. This journey has meant so much more to me than growing healthy hair, so much more was going on in the background, but just look what The LORD Did! He will carry us through, He is so FAITHFUL, I never would have made it, but I'm still here ... NO WEAPON ;)
The latter will be greater ...

Back to work shortly, so, one more for the road.
If my idiosyncrasies bore you ... just click on the image to clarify.
Reminisce pages of lock progress and growth over one year (3.5 to 4.5 years.)

Reminisce on the locks we have ... the year so far (1) pics

Excuse me while I reminisce on the process and the journey this year. I was looking over the old images and had not realised how many I managed to accumulate, considering the distractions and busy schedules.
If my idiosyncrasies bore you ... just click on the image to clarify.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Mature Longer Sisterlock Maintenance and Routines and Tips

Four Years and 5 months ... Another level ...

What has changed? Well, I used to wash my locks twice  a week because I loved to, then my lifestyle changed and I just couldn't manage it anymore, as they got longer, the drying time increased. 
There was also something else, my ends are loose again, and I'm not sure why, I know I'm not the only one. I have never been a conditioner girl, so couldn't understand the softening process that was clearly happening. it is still happening and currently I have no answers.

My product junkism has halted, as I have no time or inclination.  I still have a trailer load of goodies that I am working through.
However, I do have a brand new toy ... 

YES ... a traditional steamer ... I'm sooo happy, had my eyes on one of these for an absolute age, but they were too expensive. Then lovely Miss C came over and we had one of our usual lock loving convos, we decided to check out EBay and ... VOILA! I didn't waste a moment as the offer was too good. 


My latest washing session consisted of:

1. Washed with Suave shampoo.
2. Melted a tablespoon of coconut oil (which, incidentally I have not used for at least 9 months!)
3. Applied oil to towel dried hair, fill and set steamer for 20 minutes.
4. Pile locks into a loose bundle on top of head.
5. Sat under steamer, locks UNcovered.
6. When time was up I rinsed with warm water.
7. Let locs dry naturally.

If you are familiar with my blog I used to get a decent steam at my gym.  That's no longer possible. 
I will let you know if the effects are just as good as the steam room after a while.

No real challenges at the moment, I put my locs up in a bun as a style or simply by instinct.  I take scrunchies and bands everywhere, even wear them absentmindedly on my wrists.
My mental challenge is avoiding filth during my daily commute, I travel for a total of 2 hours per day and I am O.C.DDeeee when I choose a seat and I do all that I can NOT to rest my head on the head rest thing ... yeah I guess I'm paranoid ... I can't lie!

Build Up.

Dare I say it? No signs of any increased build up of any kind, I MUST say, that around 6 to 9 months ago I purchased a new specialist hoover, with a HEPA filtration filter thingy ... it is excellent at dealing with dust (I don't have carpet so I am hoovering the wooden flooring etc).
As I think about it, since I purchased this model the 'build up' has decreased.

Loose ends.

My loose ends actually help me remove any dust particles that may attach themselves. I don't use creamy products so there is no product type build up. I consistently clarify every other wash alternating with a moisturising shampoo every so often


I am currently a pipe cleaner convert until one night they kept sticking in my scalp as I slept ... so I braided out instead for a change. Love the result though.