Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sisterlocked - simply loving it.

Lock appreciation (ALL locks ...)

Sisterlocks, I wish I had done this a lot sooner, but I didn't know any better, even though my heart knew there must be an alternative somewhere out there. Better late than never ...

They do not form a uniform pattern, after all its a free style,  naturally. No two lock the same, all at differing lengths, but all mine.

Some are very short, especially near the centre of my scalp. But my temple lock, reaches down to my waist!

Sisterlocks ... I love them.
Mine are fine and thin, but so was my loose natural hair. They are delicate so should still be handled with care and love.

Most of all ...
I love a fresh ReTi ... Love the obvious evidence of growth. ... the way it hangs in a pony tail.

I love the texture and feel of it when I wash it, the way it smells after the wash, I love the way it sets me free from the confines and limitations of the unacceptable 'norms' of societies beauty ideals. Yeah, I wrote this just to endorse and indulge the love of all hair locked ...:)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mature Sisterlocks - maintenance, routines, fine locks, lint and loose ends.

Hey fellow lock bloggers,

I know! Its ridiculous, I only managed ONE post this last month and I was on summer break! It took me at least a week to complete as I was doing so many other things. I would start and stop and so I forgot to upload product images.
The Truth that is Knotty asked if I was still product testing, I don't  as much anymore because I know what works for me. I keep checking out good products as I am always aware that stuff can be discontinued and that is annoying. I check reviews and availability on Amazon as I like it if products can be delivered as opposed to me going out shopping ;)

I thought I would produce a list for my simple routine.

1. Reti via consultant Liz.

2. Reti myself once or twice a year depending on her availability.

3. Wash, shampoo only - I do not condition. My shampoos are volumising to increase body and moisturising.

4. I simply braid wet or leave alone (straight).

5. I use Taliah Wajid healing oil or Monoi oil from the Body Shop or a home special blend of olive oil with essential oils added. Not a lot, just enough to alleviate any slight dryness which is not often.

6. I use Kiehls amino acid shampoo as my first shampoo (main ingredient coconut oil) which my locks adore. then shampoo with I use Olio di Argan  Nourishing shampoo. I was unaware that this product is also sulphate free ...

Loose ends ...

I read somewhere that if you use a moisturising or nourishing shampoo you are really conditioning it.
I guess there is a truth in that as the moisture agents used have a conditioning affect.
The evidence of this  can be seen as the ends of my locks are becoming loose, which does not bother me really. I no longer suffer from dry dehydrated locks. In fact this year has been a a warm one for the south of UK (which is a very pleasant change).

Brushing ... 

Again paying homage to the Knotty Truths Blog ...  as it was under her guidance that I have managed to avoid lint and build up in my locks, not to say I am totally lint free, but I do pay a LOT of attention to the ends of my locks and am weary about fluffy stuff and weary of a general dusty house. I do not have carpet in the majority of the house and dust can build up. I have purchased a few good hair brushes, soft bristle which I find very effective, but beware, they can also help looses locks, especially if you have soft hair, even if your locked, your hair still has its characteristics I have found ...
For further guidance on brushing and lint prevention please read Knotty Truths Blog ...

Shopping ...

These products were purchased from a variety of stores.

TKmaxx is my product shopping fave as it has many obscure brands of shampoo that are little known. I use MakeUpAlley as a directory to check reviews of a product and then price check against Amazon prices to ensure I am getting a good deal.
My current fave shampoo Phytorelax Olio di Argan shampoo is only sold in the USA on amazon and sold only in the UK through TKmaxx ... so I bought as MANY as I could.

The UK TKmaxx though is very inconsistent with pricing and what I pay in North London I could pay double when I am in the South of London. I complained because I don't know why they think this is ok? Anyway they have already been challenged about their pricing on a TV show this year. They need to start listening ...

Than you for reading, I know your out there and hope you find this information useful.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Five years of maintenance and simple routines.

Its been a while

It has been an unintentional while since my last post, I have been up to a lot and just couldn't find time. Well my Sisterlocks have been an absolute joy, the weather has been really sunny for the past few months mingled in with a few minor rain showers, it has been beautiful. My staple hairdo has been a single up do, ponytails or two side twists from various angles, no fuss, just keeping it simple.

My Routine

I braid out frequently, but occasionally it does not last long, I guess it depends on how small I do the braids. I still use Moisture Mist by Paul Mitchell as a wetting agent, my usual setting lotion has varied I have been product testing in that area but still prefer Crinkles and Curls.


Shampooing is a dream, I am renewing my connections with Kiehls Amino Acid shampoo. I think this one is a forever ever shampoo. My locks love it right now, I can't accurately describe how they feel but I can just tell that there is a difference, they feel so good, a soft, moist cotton feeling. 
To enhance the effect I have found another keeper called Argan Oil Nourish Shampoo by Phytorelax a company based in Italy. These 2 little beauties were made for each other, they compliment each other fabulously. This shampoo is the ONE, apparently SLS etc free too! I can only purchase this at TKMax and because of this I buy a bottle of it every opportunity I get!

It has been a very warm and dry summer, but but thank to this combination I no longer suffer from thirsty locks! This clearly means no conditioner ... Still!
I can tell you that I have had no need to condition (except for spritzing with Moisture Mist) nothing heavy duty. I am 5 years and almost 3 months Sisterlocked.


This last week I accomplished my first self ReTi for the year!!
It took me 12 hours in total over two days! Good thing I'm on summer break! I don't have that kind of time free anymore, unless I do it over a weekend. A BIG shout out to my fellow bloggers who posted comments to celebrate my year 5 post! Y'all are the faithful few and I am grateful for the LOVE! xx

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FIVE YEARS SisterLocked and LOVING this Locked life!

Happy SisterLock birthday to my lovely locks!

28th May 2009 to 28th May 2014. Blog posts number 201.

My word how time has flown by on this amazing and blessed journey. All I do is wish I had started this so much sooner! It has not just been about my hair, it has been a holistic experience which taught me to just love everything that God originated in me. It bought a healing to my skin, which now I realise, was bad not only because of hormones but aggravated by the products I used and weaves that I wore.  Then it was not only about me but I celebrate all the women of colour who observed and followed me to a natural hair lifestyle. To my lovely Ms Carol natural


 of whose locks have reached the 3 year mark and looking FAB.
To Sharon

who embraced the natural beauty within and has amassed a glorious head of hair. Also to all the ladies I inspired to consider the natural life, I know for some locking was not a choice but chose the curly alternative. And to everyone else who thought the price too high, who had to save or who adorned traditional, braid, or every other method of locking. And finally to my own beautiful daughter who adored my locks from the very beginning and who formed her own free formed locks.

Also not forgetting my son who began his journey of growing his hair long for the last 3 years, 

A blast from my past. In the beginning 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2014.

First can I just say, I paid £12, yes, TWELVE POUNDS to get in! 

So, about two years ago I went to the show for the first time in a very long time. I was actually wowed by the acknowledgement of the natural hair brigade. Finally, our own industry supporting and encouraging the natural, healthy route to good hair care, something that so many of us have been waiting, wanting and needing to aspire to and to achieve. 
I personally have spent years trying to go natural, stalking black hair shops for some support for the maintenance of my beautiful tresses, but it was all in vain. So I was glad that finally, 'natural' was being taken seriously,

So, yeah .... That was then!! 

This is now!!!

Afro hair show? Afro? .... Where? What's Afro got to do with it? 
These were just a few of the stalls I photographed. 

They were all saying the same thing. It was unbeWEAVEable.

And then .... I saw this ...

Really? White? Really? 

Do I need to talk about this? Are we not educated enough about C**p like this? 
I was ready to go IN.... AND the sales woman knew I was coming .... 
She was some French chick, talking stuff about no hydroquinone ... About clearer skin, about dark marks ... Listen. Don't.Get.Me.Started. The product NAME speaks for itself! It was really hard but I'm a professional, i kept it cool and just walked away ...


So ... Afro hair and beauty? Where? Every where I turned I observed all that depicts unnatural and no, it was not at all beautiful.

There were quite a few make up stalls giving free makeovers and a few natural skincare stalls. 

One of the stalls seemed to know what they were talking about. Another was a group of young people who had produced a range. Aalthough I don't expect them to be chemists and qualified in the beauty industry, but it would help if they were aware of who their target market was I kept getting the impression that these guys and thrown something together and were trying to make a quick buck ...
Ms C and I gave each other side eye as these young men falsely prescribed for our hair type. We are quite simply, SisterLocked, locks if you don't know any better ... Sigh,SMH.

Total amount of natural hair care stalls ... Two. Taliah Wajid and Jane Carter. 

But what really got me going was the absence of Mixed Chicks. The whole reason I went there in the first place. What was going on?
I walked around with a face like a slapped ... Feel free to end my sentence. 
We arrived at just after 11am, circled twice and literally saw all that could be seen by 12pm. I was ready to leave! 
However, my lovely co pilot has a far more easy going persona than I. She convinced me to hang about a little longer to watch the fashion show.

Cateisha Aka Cat entertained us and managed to encourage the corners of my lips to curl upwards with a few quips I had heard before, but I admit, she carried them off with an amusing tinge. Once she was done however, so was I. I popped off to buy ONE product from Jane Carter, a drench hydrating spray (which I hope and pray I can get locally via Mr Klass in Tottenham). 
Why purchase only one product you say? Thought I was a product junkie? 
Well ...
Two cash machines in the building and not one was working. At least not when we went to get money!
Taliah Wajid was selling Crinkles and Curls 3 for £10 ... But did not have a card machine ... Neither did Jane Carter, something to do with exchange currency rates. Anyhow, that did not help my mood.  
I paid £5 for one item ... And went home. 

Did I mention that it was £12 to get in? Did I ? I want my money back!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

SisterLocks - Four years and eleven months! ACV rinse.

Four years and eleven months.

I was thinking about how to begin this blog, then it dawned on me that today was the 29th April - which means that I am well on the road to FIVE YEARS LOCKED! 
I actually can't fathom it, it didn't seem so long ago ... That's not a cliche either, It really has just dawned on me. How time has flown past.  

Today out of the blue I decided to ACV rinse, I haven't done that for the longest time, because of time itself. I had done the bicarbonate of soda wash last year, but after reading Cheleski's blog regarding things to avoid, I'm not going down that road again. 

My SL's are a good length now so that makes it easier to wash over the sink in the bathroom. 
I purchased a bottle of  Cider Vingar from Holland and Barretts, filled the sink with very warm water and a cupful of ACV, then I simply ducked my head in the water. I also bought a brush in with me to help, I have seen way too much lint in these here locks over the past 2 weeks and I am far from impressed! I found myself picking at the end of my longest lock as it appeared the most 'lint filled' out of them all, this lock comes from the corner of the last row at the nape of my neck. I used a pin and picked at it ... I was not impressed to see how much fluff and dust came out ... Kiss my teeth! :) 
I was not inspired to super cleanse then however. 

I wash my hair frequently, more than most but was surprised at the 'dirtiness' that tried to cling to the sides of the sink! I empties the bowl and filled it again. I didn't spend a long time doing it, 15 minutes the max. Then I got in the shower to fully wash it all out. I used the last of a bottle of Kiehls amino acid shampoo, then BIG shampoo as salt is also a very good clarifier. This was followed by Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi super wash which also states that it removes build up. I could feel my locks drying out after using the BIG because it is not a moisturising shampoo, so I washed twice to get that soft feel that was missing. I have to admit it didn't feel the same as normal, I think it was a bit dried out. But it does feel very 'clean'. 

I am aware that this should not be done too often but might do it again running up to my 5th Lockversary. 

Forever Living Products have a shampoo I am eager to try out. I see it has loads of good reviews so can't wait. I forgot to use it today if I am honest, but hey, there is always next week. 

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sisterlocks: Using Alternative Products.

Hi everyone,
The purpose for writing a blog initially was to become a source and an example for other sisters who are considering locking their hair. Especially as I had very fine hair and could see clearly that most other bloggers had hair that was a lot fuller than my own (for numerous and varied reasons).

Fine Hair.

I did not inherit hair that was full and thick, my family are of varied mixed heritages. To boot I have a very tender scalp that cannot cope with too much manipulation. To add insult to injury I have used too many different straightening/relaxing techniques, no one product was better than the other, against my better judgement. I just wish all the information I have now, I had then!
However, true to the word, my latter hair days have proved greater than the former and I give thanks for the Sisterlock technique.I am fully aware that SisterLocks have developed their own products to be used in conjunction, but unfortunately, in London, I believe they are still a little hard to get hold of. There was a point that I knew of a distributer who was UK based, however that person may not be in that position any longer. I have to admit I have not contacted the SL headquarters to find out if there was another appointed person.
In the meantime ...   Alternatives.
My consultant originally recommended neutrogena T Gel shampoo which helped the locking process and protected against scalp issues at the same time. I used this initially in my first two years, but if you can all recall I get bored real easy and wanted to play with other shampoos ... I must say I did not jump on conditioners as my locks loved to bunch and unravel and I didn't want to upset Liz with a an Afro on my next Reti appointment!!!So I was known for my of love shampoo experimentation, mostly for shampoo that clarifies and leaves body to my SLs . Clarifying Shampoos for the most part are good for leaving the locks with volume and body.

Suave - a brand not sold readily in the UK ( asked my mum to purchase some on her last trip over here:) and I also found some on amazon and eBay.) was a brand recommended by a lot of lockers on the net. Was very good for deep cleansing locks and leaving it volumised. I am always researching - if not testing, I have found so many good products and where I have purchased and kept things, I have gone back to use them and found them great. In the early days some things did not seem to work, but as my locs matured I have found them very effective.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Sisterlocks Products ... Updated.

I know what it is to need something and not be able to get hold of it, so I have copied a list of SL product salespersons. Not sure how up to date this is but here goes!

In response to an email  I received.

Just a quick note to say I used to get my products from George but that was a while ago, the last contact number I have for him is 07886488035.
He was quite reliable then ...
I have contacted him to find out if he is still in the business as such.
Charis Roberts  (07 50 81 76  947 or,
Danielle Sewell (;
Beckton (London):
Charlotte Watson  (0 20 74 73 6237 or;
Rita Murray (+44-207388-4894 or;
Natacha Silcott  (07 985 539 638 or;
Croydon (London):
Norma Gaston  (07 958 611 934 or,
Miriam Sebuwufu (079 58 75 8167 or;
East London:
Cee Kay (+44 7946 43 23 68 or;
Edmonton (London):
Sharon Martin (011 44 79 31 42 7926 or,
Dawn Smith  (02 083 512 605 or;
Enfield (London):
Fenella Longmore  (07 96 084 6405 or;
Helen Brathwaite  (07 957 488 249 or,
Thandie Davis  (+44 754-570-7233 or,
Monika Richard-Davies (Romford/ 07 788 934 246 or;
Hayes (London):
Jennifer Sterling  (07 472 483 925 or;
Hemel Hempstead:
(011-44-788-648-8035 or;
Ilford (London):
Blossom Henry  (44 79 51 12 7813 or,
Stella Mtawali (+44-795-791-8720 or;
Angela Condor  (+44 7 930 933 281 or,
Angela Daniel  (011 44 11 32 19 5357);
Sophia Dalley  (+44 796-060-3533 or,
Sharon Hall  (07 958 525 578 or,
Anthony Hunt  (07 508 500 768 or,
Charlotte Nina Kirby  (+44 47 951 610 181 or,
Daniela McGhie  (07 944 344 054 or,
Monica Parkinson  (07 947 733 919 or,
Sonia Winifred  (07 944 923 574 or;
Maida Vale (London):
Felecia Venn (07-95-198-5580 or;
Beverly Mclaren  (07 747 001 455 or;
North London:
Siboniso Nkatazo (07738824538 or,
Virginia Ryan (07402583276 or;
Peckham (SE - London):
Josephine Offor  (+44 746 687 0600 or;
Omobola Sotomi  (07957 773 258 or;
Natasha Griffith  (07 960 503 730 or;
Thornton Heath (London):
Joy Khumalo  (44 79 03 53 8245 or;
Monica Grey  (Noneaton - 07 790 007 187 or;
West London:
Ameenah Bailey  (W. Kensington 07 427 590 274/;
West Norwood (London):
Sophia Hermitt  (07 931 330 349 or;

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Journey of Four years, nine months and two days

 ...  and its only getting better!

What an amazing difference.

Locks do their OWN thing! One close friend asked if I should have a little trim to level things up a bit,  of course I explained why I would do no such thing!

I have always had one or two very eager 'growers' from the start, but they suddenly 'disappeared' when all the others caught up. Looking forward to the others catching up with these two!