Saturday, 28 May 2016



I am so late with this post! Tried to post in May but had iCloud issues!! 
Well it's been a while but my locks are now seven years strong.
 I also have a new consultant due to work and time constraints. Having a consultant that is local cuts my reti time down a great deal. Thank you to the few of you out there who still read blogs now, this one is especially for Diana, thank you 😊. I will write. More detailed post about my life with Sisterlocks as soon as I can. Staying liked for life ... Nai Xxx
BEFORE Sisterlocks ... A loooong time ago 😆

Seven years in and loving every single lock ❤️

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sisterlocked: 6 years, 8 months and 25 days ...

Far too long ...

Hi to all my locking lovelies out there, yes it has been far too long and I simply had to respond to a CALL OUT I received from the lovely Cheleski. (absolutely laughing out loud!)
I don't think my absence has anything to do with the dwindling bloggers and sister lock communicators out there, but simply needing to adapt to the ever changing circumstances in every day life ... 
I have missed you all, missed the little community we once had here and even though I have not put finger to keyboard, every change I experienced is noted mentally for the day that I do.
So where to start ... I have experienced a bit of breakage which has not been to my liking. I have discovered weak areas in my locks that eventually lead to the locks becoming thin and breaking off. I had a few very short ones a few months back. I do not have very thick locks as it is. 
My regime is still very simple, I do not use conditioner, but occasionally might use a moisturising shampoo.
My latest find is the Shea Moisture range which is more readily available here in the UK. Thanks to the internet we can now get almost any product, for a price, however if we wait a little and demand increases, eventually the products come in and become more reasonably priced. 
My daily staple style is a top knot or messy bun at the back using a scrunchie.
Occasionally I would braid after washing my locks but began to wonder if this was the reason my locks developed weak areas and broke off. 
I should add that I very rarely saw any of the  locks falling or break off, so assume it may have happened during the ReTi  process. I also hardly ever ReTi my self as I really don't have time.