Saturday, 28 May 2016



I am so late with this post! Tried to post in May but had iCloud issues!! 
Well it's been a while but my locks are now seven years strong.
 I also have a new consultant due to work and time constraints. Having a consultant that is local cuts my reti time down a great deal. Thank you to the few of you out there who still read blogs now, this one is especially for Diana, thank you 😊. I will write. More detailed post about my life with Sisterlocks as soon as I can. Staying liked for life ... Nai Xxx
BEFORE Sisterlocks ... A loooong time ago 😆

Seven years in and loving every single lock ❤️

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Sisterlocked: 6 years, 8 months and 25 days ...

Far too long ...

Hi to all my locking lovelies out there, yes it has been far too long and I simply had to respond to a CALL OUT I received from the lovely Cheleski. (absolutely laughing out loud!)
I don't think my absence has anything to do with the dwindling bloggers and sister lock communicators out there, but simply needing to adapt to the ever changing circumstances in every day life ... 
I have missed you all, missed the little community we once had here and even though I have not put finger to keyboard, every change I experienced is noted mentally for the day that I do.
So where to start ... I have experienced a bit of breakage which has not been to my liking. I have discovered weak areas in my locks that eventually lead to the locks becoming thin and breaking off. I had a few very short ones a few months back. I do not have very thick locks as it is. 
My regime is still very simple, I do not use conditioner, but occasionally might use a moisturising shampoo.
My latest find is the Shea Moisture range which is more readily available here in the UK. Thanks to the internet we can now get almost any product, for a price, however if we wait a little and demand increases, eventually the products come in and become more reasonably priced. 
My daily staple style is a top knot or messy bun at the back using a scrunchie.
Occasionally I would braid after washing my locks but began to wonder if this was the reason my locks developed weak areas and broke off. 
I should add that I very rarely saw any of the  locks falling or break off, so assume it may have happened during the ReTi  process. I also hardly ever ReTi my self as I really don't have time. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A month past my SIX YEAR mark, still LOCKED in LOVE.

I can't believe I have not blogged for so long, last post October 2014!

And now I am finally writing this post, a month after that line.
Well it appears to be the end of an era, blogging about Sisterlocks. I know that my life has turned up a notch and had so many changes, I never thought I would stop blogging. But even as I look at my blog list, very very few writers remain.
So maybe this is my final post, not sure, who knows. I am still a product junkie tho, not necessarily just shampoos
I stopped for a while as I was satisfied with all that I had. It is also great to have a son who grows his hair still, if only in mohican style. He is my human guinea pig where I can experiment and test products on him.
Without further ado, here I am ...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sisterlocked - simply loving it.

Lock appreciation (ALL locks ...)

Sisterlocks, I wish I had done this a lot sooner, but I didn't know any better, even though my heart knew there must be an alternative somewhere out there. Better late than never ...

They do not form a uniform pattern, after all its a free style,  naturally. No two lock the same, all at differing lengths, but all mine.

Some are very short, especially near the centre of my scalp. But my temple lock, reaches down to my waist!

Sisterlocks ... I love them.
Mine are fine and thin, but so was my loose natural hair. They are delicate so should still be handled with care and love.

Most of all ...
I love a fresh ReTi ... Love the obvious evidence of growth. ... the way it hangs in a pony tail.

I love the texture and feel of it when I wash it, the way it smells after the wash, I love the way it sets me free from the confines and limitations of the unacceptable 'norms' of societies beauty ideals. Yeah, I wrote this just to endorse and indulge the love of all hair locked ...:)

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mature Sisterlocks - maintenance, routines, fine locks, lint and loose ends.

Hey fellow lock bloggers,

I know! Its ridiculous, I only managed ONE post this last month and I was on summer break! It took me at least a week to complete as I was doing so many other things. I would start and stop and so I forgot to upload product images.
The Truth that is Knotty asked if I was still product testing, I don't  as much anymore because I know what works for me. I keep checking out good products as I am always aware that stuff can be discontinued and that is annoying. I check reviews and availability on Amazon as I like it if products can be delivered as opposed to me going out shopping ;)

I thought I would produce a list for my simple routine.

1. Reti via consultant Liz.

2. Reti myself once or twice a year depending on her availability.

3. Wash, shampoo only - I do not condition. My shampoos are volumising to increase body and moisturising.

4. I simply braid wet or leave alone (straight).

5. I use Taliah Wajid healing oil or Monoi oil from the Body Shop or a home special blend of olive oil with essential oils added. Not a lot, just enough to alleviate any slight dryness which is not often.

6. I use Kiehls amino acid shampoo as my first shampoo (main ingredient coconut oil) which my locks adore. then shampoo with I use Olio di Argan  Nourishing shampoo. I was unaware that this product is also sulphate free ...

Loose ends ...

I read somewhere that if you use a moisturising or nourishing shampoo you are really conditioning it.
I guess there is a truth in that as the moisture agents used have a conditioning affect.
The evidence of this  can be seen as the ends of my locks are becoming loose, which does not bother me really. I no longer suffer from dry dehydrated locks. In fact this year has been a a warm one for the south of UK (which is a very pleasant change).

Brushing ... 

Again paying homage to the Knotty Truths Blog ...  as it was under her guidance that I have managed to avoid lint and build up in my locks, not to say I am totally lint free, but I do pay a LOT of attention to the ends of my locks and am weary about fluffy stuff and weary of a general dusty house. I do not have carpet in the majority of the house and dust can build up. I have purchased a few good hair brushes, soft bristle which I find very effective, but beware, they can also help looses locks, especially if you have soft hair, even if your locked, your hair still has its characteristics I have found ...
For further guidance on brushing and lint prevention please read Knotty Truths Blog ...

Shopping ...

These products were purchased from a variety of stores.

TKmaxx is my product shopping fave as it has many obscure brands of shampoo that are little known. I use MakeUpAlley as a directory to check reviews of a product and then price check against Amazon prices to ensure I am getting a good deal.
My current fave shampoo Phytorelax Olio di Argan shampoo is only sold in the USA on amazon and sold only in the UK through TKmaxx ... so I bought as MANY as I could.

The UK TKmaxx though is very inconsistent with pricing and what I pay in North London I could pay double when I am in the South of London. I complained because I don't know why they think this is ok? Anyway they have already been challenged about their pricing on a TV show this year. They need to start listening ...

Than you for reading, I know your out there and hope you find this information useful.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Five years of maintenance and simple routines.

Its been a while

It has been an unintentional while since my last post, I have been up to a lot and just couldn't find time. Well my Sisterlocks have been an absolute joy, the weather has been really sunny for the past few months mingled in with a few minor rain showers, it has been beautiful. My staple hairdo has been a single up do, ponytails or two side twists from various angles, no fuss, just keeping it simple.

My Routine

I braid out frequently, but occasionally it does not last long, I guess it depends on how small I do the braids. I still use Moisture Mist by Paul Mitchell as a wetting agent, my usual setting lotion has varied I have been product testing in that area but still prefer Crinkles and Curls.


Shampooing is a dream, I am renewing my connections with Kiehls Amino Acid shampoo. I think this one is a forever ever shampoo. My locks love it right now, I can't accurately describe how they feel but I can just tell that there is a difference, they feel so good, a soft, moist cotton feeling. 
To enhance the effect I have found another keeper called Argan Oil Nourish Shampoo by Phytorelax a company based in Italy. These 2 little beauties were made for each other, they compliment each other fabulously. This shampoo is the ONE, apparently SLS etc free too! I can only purchase this at TKMax and because of this I buy a bottle of it every opportunity I get!

It has been a very warm and dry summer, but but thank to this combination I no longer suffer from thirsty locks! This clearly means no conditioner ... Still!
I can tell you that I have had no need to condition (except for spritzing with Moisture Mist) nothing heavy duty. I am 5 years and almost 3 months Sisterlocked.


This last week I accomplished my first self ReTi for the year!!
It took me 12 hours in total over two days! Good thing I'm on summer break! I don't have that kind of time free anymore, unless I do it over a weekend. A BIG shout out to my fellow bloggers who posted comments to celebrate my year 5 post! Y'all are the faithful few and I am grateful for the LOVE! xx

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

FIVE YEARS SisterLocked and LOVING this Locked life!

Happy SisterLock birthday to my lovely locks!

28th May 2009 to 28th May 2014. Blog posts number 201.

My word how time has flown by on this amazing and blessed journey. All I do is wish I had started this so much sooner! It has not just been about my hair, it has been a holistic experience which taught me to just love everything that God originated in me. It bought a healing to my skin, which now I realise, was bad not only because of hormones but aggravated by the products I used and weaves that I wore.  Then it was not only about me but I celebrate all the women of colour who observed and followed me to a natural hair lifestyle. To my lovely Ms Carol natural


 of whose locks have reached the 3 year mark and looking FAB.
To Sharon

who embraced the natural beauty within and has amassed a glorious head of hair. Also to all the ladies I inspired to consider the natural life, I know for some locking was not a choice but chose the curly alternative. And to everyone else who thought the price too high, who had to save or who adorned traditional, braid, or every other method of locking. And finally to my own beautiful daughter who adored my locks from the very beginning and who formed her own free formed locks.

Also not forgetting my son who began his journey of growing his hair long for the last 3 years, 

A blast from my past. In the beginning