Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Very Happy Birthday ...

... To Me ...

26 months Sisterlocked (retightened) ... and another 40 something birthday. Thank You God. Never would have made it ...

Retightened by Liz.

                                                                                                      Birthday and 2 months ...

Birthday and 14 Months ... (above)

                                                             Today ....

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nai's Sisterlocks secrets ... little details I often forget.

Loc' Texture, Body and Thickness.

Hey everyone,

It has been a long while since I wrote a blog on the complexsimplicities of my Sistalocs.
Often at (inappropriate) times I get the urge to share some details I have overlooked that could be helpful to others and am not in a place or position to do so, then I forget!

One thing I always seem to overlook is a simple, yet obvious one. The fineness of my hair.
Yes, my loc'd hair is fine (lovely) but also fine (thin) always has been but having had 4 children was a major contributor, hair lost post partum never recovered completely.

Subconciously,  as I think about it this has been the reason behind my fervent product junk'ism.

I discovered that there are products that fill out (puff, expand) each loc which makes the whole head of hair full bodied, but also there are products that seem to dry to a limp, lifeless, thinness which I do NOT like!

Some of the guilty prods are moisturising shampoos and conditioners, they have this unwanted effect on my loc's.

I have gladly discovered, however,  that most any form of clarifier puffs up the hair and makes the hair fluffier, which we LIKE.

Actually, I can clearly identify the brands which work the best, all are LUSH products.

BIG - (does what it says on the jar ... snm),

Curly Wurly - coconut bits and all! I actually no longer care to strain the bits out, I just resort to shaking my head (and RINSE) vigourously and they come out!

I Love Juicy - available in smaller measures but a very very good Loc'd hair shampoo. Maybe even good for newbies! incudes pinapple ...

Antiphillitron - a lemony clarifying shampoo that leaves hair VERY clean and shiny.

Needless to say having found what I have been searching for, my desire for any other product is gently subsiding!
The only thing left I wish to try is the SisterLocks moisture products,  (I am now reaching for the telephone!)
Having discovered George in Hemel, I am very pleased! as He is the only UK distributor.

STYLING (or not ...)

This will be brief.

From the very beginning I knew my loc's were different. I trailed through blogs to read of locks that remained curly for days once set wet or with a product. But that was never my experience. I would be lucky if it made it to 2 days. To have a curl means to constantly braid dampened locks each night and I simply do not care for that. I find it irritating too as my head is no longer used to such consistent manipulation. Plus LAZY, simply too tired to carefully braid. I do it once or twice a month if I am not too tired and need to do something different.

UPDO ...?

Even as a permie, too much tension gave me a headache. This has increased since I loc'd. Mainly due to the density. The last partial updo I did gave me an awful headache that sent me to bed with pulsating temples! I think I will wait  bit longer ...

To sum it all up, the best reason for me to have loc's is to avoid all unnecesary manipulation, and let my head do its 'thing'.


Yes originally I thought of all the colouring I could do with my natural hair. However, on this journey I have discovered that moisture is more important to me. I would never 'say never' but right now colouring my hair is a weak interest at the moment.

My only and most important focus is that the Loc's growing on my head remain healthy, full and strong.
I am still enjoying, no, loving the process and have no desire to mess with it!


Can I introduce a lovely lady to you all? Her name is Carol,  who has recently become a good friend of mine.
I would like to share a little bit of the history between us. Indulge me for a moment.

Last year around this time I started at the gym. On my second or maybe third time attending, I sat outside and this lady walked up. I clearly heard something tell me to talk to her. (I didn't!) So she came over and spoke to me. Thank God some people obey his voice. She has been nothing but a great blessing in my life since that day.
In a nutshell, She made me try and test almost every class, until I found the one I love the most, and still attend to this day.  I began attending solely to attend Zumba and ended up with my 'true love'  Weights and 'Pump' classes. Thanks to Carols enthusiasm and encouragement, I am reaping some GREAT rewards, physically!
The next great thing She gave me was help in the garden, and an eye opening interest in gardening sprung from it!  What was once meanly described as a piece of wasteland (3 boys playing football constantly for the last few years) has now been transformed! These are just 2 minor events sprung from our connection.

However, I am a giver, not a taker, and one day in the changing rooms she looked at me hard and said how much she LOVED my hair. It was now my turn to add something to the relationship. We had THAT long conversation about the Black Womans struggle ... and Miss C said she would stop relaxing from that day on ... and she did!

Here she is today! A pic taken at 10.15pm - 31 May 2011, Hour's after the birth of her SL's! Carols brand new blog is called  Natural freedom

For more information please follow this link to her new blog Natural Freedom  Natural freedom
She has a lot of great stuff to share about her journey so please pop over and say HI!

Take care you all! Thanks for following. Bless you ... Nai...x