Saturday, 23 June 2012

Comparison images, up close and personal, finer details on fine hair locks..

Thin, fine hair progress report.

Quality became quantity and in good condition ... when searching for information about locks , pics are important, visual is everything, Today is up close and personal day,  a close inspection of three year old SisterLocks from originally fine, thin coily hair.

Now May 2012

Then 26 April 2010

May 2012

The Abc's of Little things ...

a) Longer locs, more challenges, you have to learn how to sit without the locks getting trapped by your back and the chair your sitting on, you only find out when you twist your head. LOL! 

b) When you wash them requires thought, they take longer to dry, MUCH longer. Planning is important. Today I woke up and washed and showered at 7.30 ... well just because! I didn't really pay attention to how long it took to dry, but its warm - ish, so that was cool. 

c) I really should try curling and styling, but I can't be bothered. I should try, but I can't sleep with anything restricting in my head. also I am not interested in putting rollers in my head either. MEH! LESS is more sometimes! 

d) Each loc varies in density, thickness and length. I find it interesting how one loc sprouts out in sudden growth spurt past all the others, like my 2 temple locks which reach my chest, really random!

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e) I bought an array of head scarves as they are so much longer so need adequate covering, lint avoidance. I got 2 from Matalan that are very silky but  they slip off If I don't secure them, annoying! I must invest in silk/satin pillocases ....

f) I keep it simple, when its warm, I put them up in a band. Actually I put them up at any time, driving on a warm day or mostly when I get home and want to cook or relax.

g) Got to pile them high for baths and showers, they still get a little damp but thats no major issue.

I thought I would throw in some comparison pics (below) what a difference 2 years make! 

April 2010
26 April 2007

13 June 2012

Friday, 15 June 2012

Three years SisterLocked Secrets, I did it my way. Why the products Nai?

Hey all at home today because a visit to the dentist has left me out of action.

I have been thinking about this post for a while and one thing I will cover is my experimenting with products and reveal my top (maybe forever?) products.

Yes I know that having Sislocs is suppose to reduce the need. However, I found that I wanted my locks to be in a certain condition. Ultimately, our hair is still unique and we all need something different.

FIRST, What is it I am looking for, (or why the junkie)?

Well I had fine hair naturally, so locs were not originally voluminous. I mean each strand was thin, Loc pattern 4,  the tightest, to help locking process. We tried pattern 3 but most would slip easily. See earlier posts. Some shampoos exacerbated the thin flat look.

So first off I will talk about why I still use products with SLS in them.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

I have used so many prods with and without this chemical, but really I was not that convinced that the results were any better. I was not surprised to read Natural Haven's latest post confirming my suspicions

Please read for yourselves. She found that not all non SLS substitute chemicals were exactly better than SLS. So it is a case of study to find the best ... I actually knew that it was not as simple as it seemed. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying I am for SLS I am just not for being conned by these companies is all.

In saying all of that I will announce all my staple products with and without SLS.

 1. Kiehls Amino Acid.

Top of the charts and It is SLS free. What can I say about it? Well it has all the qualities I need, basically does what
It says on the bottle! It's moisturising, gentle, softening and best of all volumising, making my locks look fuller and fluffier and feel lovely. Not cheap, but neither am I! So worth it! The price came down a bit but it was originally £17.50 it lasts a long time, and i wash my locks often.

I believe in the process of alternating shampoos to reap the best results. I found this has worked for me.

2. Bicarbonate of Soda shampoo.

This is a recipe I got via Ofo's blog. It is a very good one, for me it works really well. I have a bottle sitting on the bathroom window sill. I use it whenever I feel that it needs a clarifying. I can't use too much though as I find it can be drying.

3. DAX Vegetable Oil Shampoo.

If I had not found Kiehls then this would be THE one as for £2.50 it is brilliant! A great softening clarifying shampoo that DOES NOT strip the hair. Really good value for money. Very effective. SLS ...

4. LUSH.

Ok I have tried and loved almost everything LUSH. Why? Because there is something about the way they mix their products that, in my opinion, works perfectly on locked hair, I find it hard to say which I love the most, alternating them as I do they all do what I need them to. Now that I have discovered their solid soaps, I think they are fab! They are very affordable, £5 or £6 pounds but last for up to 80 washes, if you take care of them. Yes SLS, but they feel so gentle, soft and with no irritation.

Top of the solids is Godiva, (yellow solid) shampoo jasmine scented with cocoa butter to condition, instant results! A close second is Karma Komba, green. Smells soo good, so so good!
Both give hair good body!

Note: my method is to use either Bicarbonate shampoo or DAX as a base clarifier first and then one of my faves for the second and or subsequent washes.


I can't do them! I do not do well with them as I just don't rinse enough or I don't have a strong enough shower hose. Either way, they seem to build up. So another reason for my quest to find suitable products. My search is for a water based conditioning product, non creamy, leave in type. My staple is and was from the start,


From the moment I read a recommendation for this product as a newbie, I knew it was right for me. It is perfect. Again pricey in the eyes of some, circa £15 for 500ml.
But I use this over and over and my Locs drink it like water, even better when I rub a little oil in after. I even spritz in a little before bed in dry areas,

The SisterLock moisturiser is good too but not as effective as the Awapuhi.

I like 2Arosci leave in conditioner too, but I am suspicious that it has contributed to a rise in whitish specks of build up in my locks. Again though, a great product, very moisturising and softening. I have had to spray it in my hands rub them and then add it to my hair to avoid this possibly negative effect.


As you can tell, dry locs are not on my desirable list. It's all about moisture and softness. So one thing I did not do over the last 3 years was colour my locks.
I knew that I would have problems with my hair and dryness if I did. I know a lot of people have grey hair they want to cover so I understand, I feel I benefitted over the years to just leave them alone.


My guilty pleasure, from the start. I stated my penchant for water running over my scalp,
I'm a washing addict, actually it's a whole bath, shower, swimming, water thing. It chills me out, especially though washing my hair.
Of course that encourages me to add to the experience by introducing different scents and sensations. So I am an addict, a true beauty addict. It's not just my hair but I do all things skincare, did I ever mention that I qualified as a beautician?
So there you have it. The motives behind my madness. I think I found
What I need for now, but it is difficult because I live in the UK and our weather system and atmosphere means that some things work seasonally so again I need to alternate.

Nai ... LOVING this locked life ... x

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nai at Afro Hair and Beauty Live Show 2012.

Hey  bloggers and lurkers out there! Holidays are finally here, as you are aware  I have been missing for a while, but for the love of Bajan Lily who missed my eccentricities, I will try to make more time for my favourite pastime ...

So ... Saturday morn and FB updates Jane Carter Solutions, they broadcast a message that they would be set up at London's biggest afro hair and beauty show of the year.
The venue, The Business Design Centre Islington. Entry fee was £12 on the door. It was held over 2 days Sunday and  bank holiday monday.

It has been 20 odd years since I last attended that show, then I was relaxed (hair),19 (i think) and bored silly. Today however, Is a different story.

I ventured out at the crack of bank holiday dawn ( 9am on a deserted street and station) caught the 9.33 and arrive at Angel Station by 10.10am

On way to the venue, Miss C and Mum D found there was no queue, so decided to meet me at the station.
Unfortunately,  back to the BDC there was indeed a queue forming and tickets were not being sold until 10.30am. I don't do queues and feel that early birds should be rewarded for their efforts ... Hmm!

After a 20 minute wait, we were finally allowed in. The paying line a LOT shorter than those that had pre booked ... hmm! Noted!

On entry we were bombarded with goody bags and freebies, mainly information leaflets and product samples. I was happy with this as I aimed to fill said 'empty' bags with many things ha!

My agenda for the day was simple, to solely, purely, single tracked mindedly,  umm no that's not a word, aim like an arrow for Jane Carters' stall. I advised my lovely compadres of my agenda and they were accommodating ...

The atmosphere was relaxed (and no not all of it was the hair either lol!)
Loads of lovely naturals ALL over the place! It was so good to see, there was a lovely, positive, friendly vibe, I admit I was very pleasantly surprised.

Happily the BDC space is not huge and one was able to circulate rather quickly. There were many familiar stalls and one or two surprises. Miss Jessie's launched their product range for sale in the UK.


JML Jamaica Mango and Lime.

On my way I was happy to see my old fave JML or Jamaica mango and lime. I stopped and had a great chat for a while with Michael, representative and proprietor of JML. plus I got a free Tee too! Michael briefed me on the company and the founder who was unavailable for interview at that time. We discussed the products and I obviously thanked him for Cactus Leave in which was my fave as a newbie, I cheekily requested a version that maybe didn't use mineral oil, and could possibly be (more) water based, with maybe glycerine instead? We shall see! Hey, if you don ask, you don't get ... ;)

Determined to keep on track I moved on, JC was not at the previously publicised spot so had to go on the hunt, 10.40am ... and finally I found them ... :(

I was soo disappointed, having read, studied, searched and researched all that was Jane Carter Solutions, my one chance to purchase products I know are the correct chemical composition for my hair type and my hopes were dashed! 
I reluctantly wandered off, but I didn't stop hoping for an appearance.


While consoling myself I found a British couple from Leeds doing great things with a product range of their own ... Natures Parlour. I spoke to Xina about lock maintenance (she has traditionals) Y'all know my babies are 3 years long now and needed to compare notes with a well seasoned locked sister, whose locks btw were fabulous!

AND THEN ...  suddenly, they appeared ....


... were in the house! Finally, and let me tell you, she was worth the wait. Poor Ms Carter was pounced on and gushed over by some strange woman before she had a chance to uncover the products, umm yes, that was me ...
But it was worth it! A lovely lady with a great product line, that quite a lot of us have been waiting for, for a long time.
Jane Carter Solutions is finally here and is now imported and sold by uk website,

from what I understand. I had a very insightful conversation and personally understand why we were not yet able to purchase JCS in the UK, and I completely, utterly, and totally agree! snm!
Ms Carter knew my lock type, and made recommendations. I loved that! Meeting someone who was not just familiar with Sisterlocks but able to appropriately prescribe to my lock needs. 
Obviously I left the show arms full to the brim with, mainly JCS goodies, most other products at the show were literally sold at US prices or very close. I left JCS with 6 products and Ms J gave me a complementary item. The price was not what we would pay for the import version. very reasonable.
On my earlier excusions I came across 


I tested this product line, and searched the ingredients list, glycerine based. My babies LOVE them some glycerin but the consistency has to be right. a correct balance between glyc and water.

I bought 3 of their items and they smelled really good! ALL products purchased were clear water based and naturally natural. That was my aim for the day, and that ws my day in a nutshell. I stayed for the barber of the year competition, and the fashion show, but I it was time to go. It was a good day, a very good day. I was surprised, I didnt expect it to be so naturally focused. I hear  the last few years had not been so.

I came across TALIAH WAAJID too.
A word to the Black Hair and Beauty world and organisations out there. 

Natural hair is growing, and it is hair to stay, no mispelling. 
Natural is hair to stay, yes a play on words. But on a real deal, since I became natural, 
I suffered no burns, no scars, I lost no hair, I have no signs of traction alopecia. 
Natural hair may require more of my time and effort, more care and research, but it remains and grows and in time I will get better 'at it'. 
However my natural black hair is me, and I will no longer reject it, hide it, hurt it, treat it as an  inferior type in comparison to any other.
I am independantly responsible for learning and loving what is growing freely from me. 
God makes no mistakes and for my coily locks, I thank Him.

Nai ... Loving everything natural about me <3