Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lovely Lock Progress so far ...

Last weekend I spent time reading and responding to blogs. I enjoyed it! It is great to be on a journey with soo many other sisters also striving to maintain their natural crown of glory, We are all and have always been beautiful women. However, there is something to be said to have overcome the issues and prejudices related to the natural kink and curl of the hair we are born with and wearing our hair with pride and joy, the way I believe God intended us to. Like Ofo said in her recent email, I know God directed my path to locing my hair, as He has in all the other areas in my life. My God is a wholistic God, permeating every area of my life. I too prayed and asked for his guidance and as usual He exceeded my expectations, just as his word said He would. I prayed about my hair and skin (face) and healing one led to the healing of the other. It is amazing to me that as I researched sisterlocks that is when I discovered African Black Soap, originally purchased for shampooing my locks, now used consistently on my face with exceptional results.

Product Junkie ...

Alas ... I confess ... initially I began puchasing almost every recommended product deemed 'good' by my fellow loc sisters. I am also loooonging to try some other products, fortunately / unfortunately I did not realise that my own natural hair would be doing very well thank you without all the bottled crap ... all I do is wash once a month after retight! thats it! Oh and of course shower or bath steam, not even a sprtiz bottle in sight... and guess what ... or rather take a look at the results ...

Front view loc's .

Loc'd (and loc'ing) on each side at the front.

Ok ... so I know in the future I may need some of the items I bought, but not for a very loooong tiimmme!
I do admit though, I really WANT a bottle of the Organix Coconut Shampoo, ONLY because that is the scent of my whole bodycare range right now ... and anyway ... I am bored with just plain ole T Gel shampoo ... sulk!

However having read loads of different blogs I am very WARY of the risk of ruining progress and I really do not want to have half my hair unravel at this stage.

Below: A typical neck view of my locks or should I say curls? The next pic is the longest loc in this photo but streatched out to emphasise the fact that it has slipped entirely! The next pic is the longest loc
based at the nape of my neck which is locing and growing at a faster pace than the rest of my head! It does not shrink when wet. I have stopped twisting every night. I think that contributed to the slippage of one or two loc's. In my case I think less is more, no spritzing, minimum manipulation, freestyling equals faster loc'ing!  I am also suffering from 'finger twirling loc's syndrome' or better known as 'cannot keep ma hands outta ma hair' ... I LOVE the way they feel.
click on the pic below to see the natural coil. My 12 year old son said I should say that sisterlocks are the way forward!!! He is the one that took the pics for me, and also loves my hair natural (smile). 


Cocoa Pebbles said...

I also tried the African black soap, after reading about it on some blogs, and I have found that it is quite good. I find that it is drying, as most soaps are, but then I follow with a witch hazel toner and a moisturizer, and...well, its pretty good!

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Hey Cocoa ... yes I find it drying but balance out with a toner and pure coconut oil. Before AB soap I was having a miserable time with acne and scarring for longer than I care to remember. a case of all things working for good I think.

anthia-ofo said...

Hey your locs are coming along nicely. I would stick with non-moisturising shampoos for now so you don't set yourself back with unraveling. I love all your spirally ends.
I find black soap quite drying and dilute mine with spring water and add some eos and almond oil. People with more oily skin benefit from using it without diluting.

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Thanks ofo, just out of the shower and found a hole in the one formed lock I have :( but hey its all about process, and i know all about THAT! Thank you I will heed your wise advise :)) Bless .