Wednesday, 29 August 2012

3 years 3 months SisterLocks: Dry hair and Reti's

Simply Dry.

I admire all you lockers out there who have managed their locks with very little to no product  assistance except for a few spritz of water (if that!) There are many of you out there and I rate you! This is not me testimony however, My sisterlocks love moisture (anything involving water) and devour oils.

I also admire those who are able to use conditioner, I guess I have not mastered the knack of rinse, rinse rinse.

My point is really that I have growing locks they are getting to a decent length now that I am having to rethink my regime, and trying to keep it all very simple. Long is not simple. Sisterlocks are low maintenance not no maintenance. Our summer has appeared and I am surprised that I was not better prepared. It could have been the sauna that did it. Umm I went in the sauna, no steam room available, at least 3 times in the week with NO conditioner, no spritz, nothing. Went home and rinsed, not washed my locks. Actually had to shampoo twice that week as I used the pool on 2 occasions. By the time I got back they were rough,


I am using coconut oil as a hot oil treatment as and when I need it and a spitz of awapuhi moisture and lately Arosci leave in conditioner. They make a good combination. 2 evenings ago I went for Co Wash, I part American cream 5 parts water to dilute, and 25 ounces heat melted pure coconut oil from Holland and Barrett. I now dislike the smell so decided to wash with diluted conditioner and then pour oil onto my head. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse OUT! This method was VERY effective. And I especially didn't have the aftermath coconut scent I have come to dislike. Finally, revived with long lasting results.

DIY @ 3 years 3 months.

Due a Reti

I admit, I am guilty. I have a lack of patience and like to get things done.
In effect, when tired I would rush to complete it. Doing so leaves me guilty of accidentally combining locks. I would combine at least 2 each time it was my turn to reti.
Yesterday I began the process. I Reti every 4 to 5 weeks. I began at approx 1pm, put a book on my laptop, sat in the sunlight shining through the open double doors and commenced. A mirror stand, locks sectioned with 4 black bands, I started from the back behind my left ear. In mind, I had a method, to work across the back of my head, removing only one band and taking out one lock at a time from the bundles to avoid tangling. There are a lot of long locks and I need to keep them in order. I managed to stop to cook dinner, eat with my family, tidy up. I then got distracted again and decided I wanted to rearrange my drawer chest ... hmmm. focused eh? I went back to task at about 9.45pm and stopped at midnight.
I made a mistake and untangled it. That was a sign to give it up! . I started again today at about 2pm after trimming the hedge, (found that kind of therapeutic ...) I worked thru until 17.59pm when I completed my Reti. I Got a great sense of achievement! No combining, not one! Approximate time in total I would say was 10 hours.
I have learnt a lesson this time. Do not continue when tired and plan the direction of the front and top well before I get there, if I want a decent
style result. It worked! Let's pray I have this much forethought after I get back to work!!! Lol!


anthia-ofo said...

Yay! Well done with your reTi. I havent been very consistent with mine. Several locs are combined(deliberately) so I can go longer between.

Nai said...

Hey STRANGER! Glad to hear from you!!
Thank you! I enjoyed the success!
I have/had 4 that were deliberately combined, however one was errm 'removed' at my previous Consult ReTi, If I am honest I think I need to combine a few more, some are just too thin!