Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sisterlocked - simply loving it.

Lock appreciation (ALL locks ...)

Sisterlocks, I wish I had done this a lot sooner, but I didn't know any better, even though my heart knew there must be an alternative somewhere out there. Better late than never ...

They do not form a uniform pattern, after all its a free style,  naturally. No two lock the same, all at differing lengths, but all mine.

Some are very short, especially near the centre of my scalp. But my temple lock, reaches down to my waist!

Sisterlocks ... I love them.
Mine are fine and thin, but so was my loose natural hair. They are delicate so should still be handled with care and love.

Most of all ...
I love a fresh ReTi ... Love the obvious evidence of growth. ... the way it hangs in a pony tail.

I love the texture and feel of it when I wash it, the way it smells after the wash, I love the way it sets me free from the confines and limitations of the unacceptable 'norms' of societies beauty ideals. Yeah, I wrote this just to endorse and indulge the love of all hair locked ...:)


KnottyAuthor said...

NIce updates! And I like that polk-a-dot blouse! Love the curls!

anthia-ofo said...

You're a poet! Love the update.

Nai said...

Hi Ladies,
Thank you both! Yes Cheleski, I love the polka dots, its actually a dress i wore for a close friends wedding :D.

Hey Ofo :D ... and I definitely know it ;).