Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thursday 25 June One month mark!

Exactly 28 days old today! Cannot believe I have not had my hair washed for a MONTH!!! No dry scalp, no itching ...nothin. Spritzing everyday with just water alone. I was told to use lemon juice too, but i reallly dont want hard locs! Will see how it goes... Due for retightning on the 13th July. I CANNOT WAIT to be washing my own hair in the shower, when I want to. Because my hair texture is soft my consultant has not permitted me to wash it, as 3 of my 4 test locks had unravelled in 3 weeks of washing! However, I was conditioning my natural hair a lot before loc'ing. Will try and do some web cam snapshots later this pm. Anyway back to year 6, ICT project! Later x

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