Thursday, 24 September 2009

4 months ... well nearly! 119 days and counting.

Hi all,
Thought about waiting until the 28th before blogging, however I am off tomorrow and thought I would take the opportunity tonight to update. Have added some pics for emphasis.

Firstly, I need to say that I have never been the one to play around with my hair. Messy and easy have always been my way, what do they call it .... erm Bed head?! LOL!
Polite people seem to call it freestyle. Well thats me and it suits my personality perfectly, wild and free! ;). So at the moment you will not find much rolling, braiding and other stuff going on here.
I am truly a natural girl at heart and apart from playing about a bit (like SOulBeing on you tube...) I pretty much spritz/shower steam and go. Thats the way I like it. No fuss. There will be time for all that later on, right now I am enjoying the moment, the freedom and the true beauty of a natural haired Black Woman ...ME! So as you can see I am happy, simply happy to be natural and free.

I need to confess my need to rebel against the rules (or at least to think about it!) Whats your problem? I hear you ask ... I WANT TO WASH MY HAIR, No I NEED to wash my hair, no its not itchy, no dry scalp , it's not dirty ... there is no real issue ... I JUST WANT TO cos I just DO! I think it is a vital way to relieve stress, the massaging and stimulating of the scalp, it has an amazing effect on me.
I thought I would rant about it first though ... don't worry ...I am not about to undo the progress of 4 months... delayed gratification is my other second name!
One thing I have to accept about my hair is that it is very springy (coily) and reacts to the slightest amount of water, my growth is not as obvious as some because of it, however the body of my curls are defined, thickening and my head is clearly loc'ing up! The end buds do not seem to stay though and shed easily. Time and chance happen to all things ...

My skin

As mentioned before I am a natural lover, in all areas, my speciality was once beauty therapy, I qualified in massage and make up and beauty treatments,but much preffered the holistic approach, like a good healthy diet and natural skincare products. This is mainly due to the sensitive nature of my skin. Even slight make up (foundation, soap, bubble bath etc) has been guilty of aggravating my skin.

I am going to make a statement some of you will take and some will leave.

After months of asking God to heal my skin (acne and heat rash) or at least, help me to identify the problem. I was lead to African Black Soap (was considering using it as a shampoo, in fact that is the main reason I purchased it!)... However, I inadvertantly found it when browsing blogs, while deciding to get sister locks, in fact if I go back and check my blog list on another computer, I may be able to identify the lady who sells it.

Any way I find it profound how the two went together hand in hand, ( the hair and skin being healed ... hmm) ...

I ALWAYS attribute every good thing in my life to God and his direction, I am a firm believer that He directs me in every area of my life, major or minor, and it is no coincidence that I am blessed by choosing this road. I even wonder if my skin could have been reacting to the weave hair all those years ... something to think about ... deliverance is a great thing ...


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