Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My 4th retightening, 3 1/2 months ... 110 days ... ;)

Loving this loc journey ... soo much.

Had a long day at work yesterday, but at 3.15pm I escaped and drove 10 mins to my consultants home for a retight. Her eldest daughter is a trainee and did my last 2 retights. We had a laugh! They were soo funny, was in stitches of laughter at the stories they told. I do not normally do the hairdresser thing on a work night but this is different. the whole experience is so refreshing. For me, this is because it is my natural hair state and I am loving the progress and the results.

Tenderness...Soft in the head?

I must say that the retightening is painful to me, well on the right hand side anyway. ( I will find out for sure what side of the brain that is i.e logic or emotion :) ) My head was soo tender I felt like a little girl all over again, I had to beg Celeste to be careful ... and she was soo gentle ... smile. Guess I am feeling a bit more delicate than usual ...

There is definate clear evidence of thickening and growth. Pics added. What do you think? please leave a constructive comment, especially going out to my followers :).Having read some of the other blogs (blog following is a full time job! LOL!) I am considering learning to retight myself. I do have the time to spare at the moment. I intend to speak to Liz about this soon.
Well I had my monthly hair wash last night, and yes sadly, it was the highlight of my night!Liz said NO! I could not wash my hair any more frequently because it was still too soft! I had cut down on the spritzing with water because I felt that was the reason for my slippage, but she adviced me that it helped to loc faster ... ho hum! Some people can't have any fun! I LOVE washing my hair, I find it very therapeutic, relaxes my mind and helps me sleep better I love water ...
Last word about Black Soap, loving the results, my skin is smoother clearer and softer than it has been for the last 2 years.! Thanking God!


anthia-ofo said...

Are you going to take the class or DIY the napplocs way?

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Hello! :)
I think I will take the class first ...start the way I mean to carry on! However, I wondered which tool would be easier (quicker) for me to use ...also the perfectionist in me does not want to do anything to ruin this journey...and the bimbo loves to be pampered so ...I will see ... :) Thanks for stopping by!

Gigglz said...

You should definitely discuss the tender head state with your consultant. You may have an underlying issue causing this because the retightening definitely shouldn't hurt.

If you seriously plan on becoming a DIY'er I would suggest taking the class first and if you don't like the tool then purchase the NL tool. I went in the inverse and bought the NL tool and then took the class. I LOVE the SL tool much more and wish I just went to the class first. Check out my blog for the details.

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Thank you Gigglz :)
Unfortunately the tender head thing has been a constant companion for all my life ... no matter what I did. My youngest son also has the same problem, as a young baby we could not use even a soft bristle baby brush on his scalp as it would cause tiny fissures (blood spotting) on his scalp! so much so I did not use comb and brush on him at all.

And I WILL definately take your advice on the tool thing, will read your blog asap! Have scanned it briefly but keeping up with blogs these days is like a full time job! Soo much good info being shared.

Gigglz said...

Awh poor baby boy :-(

Blogging is certainly a F/T job we didn't even interview for. :-)