Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sisterlocks, tools ...

Ok, this post may be a little bit emotive for some, but not for me. I love my locks and am thankful for the technique which has been developed, however all things being in there correct place, I do not worship my hair, the style, technique or tool used to create them, I believe all GOOD things are inspired by or come from God.

I find it quite ironic,  my last retight I had scheduled with my consultant for her to evaluate my DIY skills and maintain the quality of my locs, we discussed the exact same thing, Lock Tools!!!!
She had anticipated the type of reaction witnessed on LIU, I was a bit dismayed but like the word says on some issues, I just set my face like flint, because it is all foolishness, I apologise, as I have never been known to suffer fools gladly, my thoughts are these, and I quote from a reply given to a fellow blogger.

There is a saying that states "... A bad workman always blames his tools ..."

What I understand from this proverb is that the tool in and of itself, is a means to an end. The instrument itself can do nothing without the hand that guides it. In other words, if the loc is damaged in any way then the tool cannot be blamed as I/you/we are the force behind it ... "
I also understand, from what I have read, is that the current instrument was not the original, but modifications and improvements sought over time for ease and effectiveness of use. That fact, I am afraid, negates certain statements of authenticity.
I have heard that quite a few people have left LIU, due to previous issues and seeds of discord sown. Lets keep all things in a healthy perspective. for those of you in a faith, Lets focus on worshipping the Creator rather than the creation ... :) BLESS!


anthia-ofo said...

There has been so much contention and strife over this 'tool' issue. I remember doing a similar post 2yrs ago. On the one hand It's a marketing ploy to hook the unsuspecting,(and I aint mad at the founder for fighting her turf,and protecting her own) on the hand, people want the 'branding' so they can feel superior to others and justify the money they spent. You notice how in the same breath, it's'if you don't exclusively use THE tool it's not SLs' and 'but for the record I'm a lover of ALL types of locs' type posts? *sigh*. How can salt and fresh water come from the same fountain? From an african perpective, the thought of branding a hairstyle is almost reprehensible. This can only come from the US of A!!! (But I guess that's the way it is over there, else someone comes along and brands your idea). However,I'm still waiting for an explanation of how a tool of it's own accord, mysteriously alters the direction of a rotation/pattern/partings.

Nai said...

TELL me about it! Like I said, I get wary when you defend something to the point it becomes idolatry, and that conversation bordered on that! We got to be careful what we fighting each other for, so much more important issues to put that energy into!
Bless you hun x