Sunday, 10 April 2011

More SisterLock Love!!!

I AM IN LOVE!!!  Yes !! I am besotted with this liberating journey, so amazing!

NEVER a bad hair day!

Doing my hair is a pleasure and joy, the freedom and versatility I have been longing and praying for has been made possible within the Sisterlock system and I really give thanks for it. In fact I give thanks, appreciation, love and respect for ALL natural and lock types, sister and otherwise! A thanks to all my fellow blogging sisters who provide a valuable resource for me, and not JUST topics about hair!

Personally Sisterlocks has been PERFECT in fulfilling my natural hair desires.

You see my choice of hair maintenance has gone hand in hand with the healing of my skin and in ALL of my years my complexion has only ever been THIS good, BEFORE I had ANY children.
I prayed for a LONG time about my hair care and skin problems, I took a long time realising the answer, but  I KNOW that I was not ready before now! No two ways about it, I was STUPID enough to care about the approval of fickle human beings! Thank God for maturity!

In The Mix

My Loc priority is to simply have a head full of build up free, healthy, strong locs.
Originally, colouring my locks was a high priority. I then recalled a time, as a loose natural for approximately 2 years, when I applied colour (professionally) It was the worst thing I could have done. It had a similar effect to a mild relaxer, without the straightening effect, but equally as damaging.

Most people know that I have spent/spend some hard cash on a variety of products, Yes, I get bored, but I also am on a mission to having very strong, healthy hair. As a result of my product junkism, I have finally discovered what I know my locs need!


A GOOD leave in conditioner, which on its own, does not exist, but is a mix of some of the best prods around, and watered down slightly.

Fundamentally, WATER! (moisturising)

.... Coconut oil and Glycerin love my hair and vise versa. The more I wash, the happier my hair. Simple.  Coconut  oil really does strengthen my hair and has to be applied when my hair is damp.


I mix Giovanni's leave in, Luxtress by Nexus and melted Pure Coconut Oil to damp hair ... then covered with my steam cap.  I find the first two prods too thick so dilute to avoid build up. The heat from the steam cap helps melt the products. Do I need to state the obvious results? My locks feel lovely moist and well conditioned.

Another steam mix is Honeysuckle Rose by Aub. Orgs. and Coconut oil. Equally as effective. When dry, my hair is soft  and moisturised.

I mostly wear my locks in a braid/twist out. Today though, for the first time, I washed, steamed and twisted my hair before church, I tried at least, but hair was still damp, so ended up freestyle. Very grateful that today was warm and sunny, and locs dried naturally.

A Sisterlocked life

The locked life brings with it attention, almost all, of which is positive for me. There is a lot of love for natural and lock styles out there, and I find myself in the position of influence, directly and indirectly. A few friends are transitioning, and one lady is one month away from her Sisterlock birthday, she is very impatient. ;)
Another aspect is the steady compliments from many friends and associates, love is always good in all its guises!

Even yesterday, as my above mentioned friend Mrs C and I ventured to PAK in North London, Mrs C turned to me and gasped in wonder at the attention of a passing lady who unabashed, stared squarely at me/my locs. (I walk about oblivious tbh never paying attention) I guess she tried to figure what they were.

I know the Bible talks of a woman's hair as her crown and glory, I believe it, not to be worshipped, but I am so aware of how deeply important it is to a HUGE amount of all types of women. I am so thankful to have found a resting place in my natural, God given crown. No matter who says what, I know whom I have believed and found that He is ABLE to keep what I have commited to him, I trust him for even the very minor things that concern me, YES even the hair on my head, after all, He has numbered them!

I plan on updating this post with images of all the products (group photo) I have used and found effective recently. Check back if you can.


I miscalculted the month versary of my previous post, and missed my last one too! I am now half past 22 months Loc'd and am preparing for the big TWO year locversary, if God taries! lol!
Year 2 is an important milestone as I find this a significant stage, especially for my previously lock resistent, fine, loose curl hair.

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