Friday, 15 April 2011

True Confessions of a Sisterlock loving Product Junkie.

A detailed updated look at my journey and routine, why I test and try products and the results and effectiveness of them.

Why So Many products?

Over the last 2 years I have read many posts and emails stating that locking the hair has ended the need for products en masse. Unfortunately, that is not the case for me. We already know that our hair types differ. The biggest difference I am aware of internationally however, is this, the UK has harder water than the US. Therefore, the products work less effectively or we have to use more. Also, we have poor (cold) weather 80% of the time and central heating is quite drying on our skin as well as our hair.
So, as I have all these issues to contend with I try to bring in a balance.

So ... what now?

Nai's Loc's love water the most. I could wash my Locs every day and my hair would flourish, only problem is I would have an afro! I used to use Rosewater and Glycerin but as  pointed out, An excess of Glycerin leaves a 'sticky' residue and your loc's scream out WASH ME NOW!
I have rediscovered the benefits of Pure Coconut oil, which happens to be the base ingredient to most of my fave products (even skin creams).

I have recently had a wonderful reunion with Paul Mitchell AWAPUHI MOISTURE MIST,

I use this to dampen my locs to prep for a braid/twist outs. Lovely results, no need to add anything but a light mist of Natures Shine and I am good to go ...

So in a nutshell, WATER (water based products incude) and COCONUT OIL are my essentials for primary loc care. I also use a thermal heat cap to steam.

Confession 1.

My PJ guilt extends far beyond a few bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I have the most extensive collection of body creams, butters, shower gels and bubble baths you can imagine. I could take a picture but the time it would take me to gather them all and put them back is unreasonable. But as I am on holiday, I will be dedicating a day to sorting and relocating them all.

Confession 2.

I have only managed to finish 3 shampoos (myself) without help from any of my children. Quite a few others have been passed on to my happy, smiley, grateful friends.

Confession 3.

I use so many different things, that if I dont write them down, I FORGET the ones with the best results! gulp! There has been occasions when I have planned what I want to use, get in the shower and forget completely what combination of products I had chosen. I think they call that confusion.

Confession 4.

I have an extensive, expensive collection of conditioners. I find however, that no matter what you call 'leave in'. I cannot just leave it in! I blend my leave in condish with melted coconut oil (melted on the windowsil as the weather has improved) and apply steam cap.
Equally, to avoid build up, I try to avoid heavy silicone based products and blend some conditioner with Olive or Coconut oil and apply to damp hair, leave for in while I shower or steam and rinse.

Ingredients I choose to avoid.

Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin and Silicone. For more information on why, check out  Natural Haven.  Based on research and fact finding over the last 2 years, I do not feel these chemicals are beneficial to my hair.

Interesting Choices ...

I purchased this product a long time ago, when I still had to use Tgel to help with the locking stage.
Tgel worked well for my newbies up to about a year (maybe less) I was impatient for a change, could never stand the dry loc look. However, I didnt try the dry hair formula until last week. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my locs moisturised and soft.

Also ... Baby Shampoo, simple and moisturising,  love the way my locks smell after.

I regularly wash with BIG by lush, which is very clarifying, so condition/moisture is important. I also find it great for volume, my locks puff up and are fuller and fatter. I couldn't clip my hair up after my locks dried and found braiding and twisting needed nore effort.

I began my journey on Neutrogena Tgel, then progressed to Green Tea by Aubrey Organics, then the odd intermittent testers, like Coconut shampoo (haven't tried that in a while ... hmm)
Olive/Honey shampoo (body shop fave but discontinued)

Now I like Jamaican mango and lime ... but I do NOT like the ingredients, not a bit. But there has been times when this cactus leave in worked beautifully! Too perfumed though, I like my Cantu, but I can use stuff like this as I wash and clarify regularly. I alternate BIG / I Love Juicy/ Antiphilitron (clarifiers) with moisturising Honeysuckle Rose, Tgel for dry..., Baby Shamp, Coconut, Honey, Olive ... you get the picture.

And for product tests to come ....

I sort of tried the mane n tail deep moisturising shampoo, and I did not find it so ... but guess what tomorrow is?
Yaaaaay ... hair washing dayyy!

Ok so it may be M n T, Avalon Organics Ylang Ylang, Baby shampers, coconut oil shampoo or simply Tgel for dry. hmmm ... choices, choices. What do YOU think?

Nai at 22.5 weeks locked, loving her locs and this blessed journey.


anthia-ofo said...

Thx for the products reveiw. I used awapuhi moisture mist in the early days. I'm curious about baby shampoo. Is it any good? I have my BIG, but can't use that all the time. My aub.orgs. are almost gone now and I want something cheaper.Where can I find luxtress by nexus? I always gave nature's shine a side eye. Didn't know it was good.Coconut oil is a fav. I also found a sheabutter based moisturiser in Ghana which I really like, but I use it sparingly. Keep the info coming, it's really helpful.

Bajan Lily said...

Gave you a stylish blogger award