Saturday, 23 June 2012

Comparison images, up close and personal, finer details on fine hair locks..

Thin, fine hair progress report.

Quality became quantity and in good condition ... when searching for information about locks , pics are important, visual is everything, Today is up close and personal day,  a close inspection of three year old SisterLocks from originally fine, thin coily hair.

Now May 2012

Then 26 April 2010

May 2012

The Abc's of Little things ...

a) Longer locs, more challenges, you have to learn how to sit without the locks getting trapped by your back and the chair your sitting on, you only find out when you twist your head. LOL! 

b) When you wash them requires thought, they take longer to dry, MUCH longer. Planning is important. Today I woke up and washed and showered at 7.30 ... well just because! I didn't really pay attention to how long it took to dry, but its warm - ish, so that was cool. 

c) I really should try curling and styling, but I can't be bothered. I should try, but I can't sleep with anything restricting in my head. also I am not interested in putting rollers in my head either. MEH! LESS is more sometimes! 

d) Each loc varies in density, thickness and length. I find it interesting how one loc sprouts out in sudden growth spurt past all the others, like my 2 temple locks which reach my chest, really random!

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e) I bought an array of head scarves as they are so much longer so need adequate covering, lint avoidance. I got 2 from Matalan that are very silky but  they slip off If I don't secure them, annoying! I must invest in silk/satin pillocases ....

f) I keep it simple, when its warm, I put them up in a band. Actually I put them up at any time, driving on a warm day or mostly when I get home and want to cook or relax.

g) Got to pile them high for baths and showers, they still get a little damp but thats no major issue.

I thought I would throw in some comparison pics (below) what a difference 2 years make! 

April 2010
26 April 2007

13 June 2012


Bajan Lily said...

Love it. Thanks for the comparison photos and the tips: particularly about them being different sizes as they mature. Hair will do what it will do.

Locksie C said...

Absolutely beautiful. x

The Chick said...

Love it!

sherry tee said...

, I would love to have consultation with you to start my Sisterlocks.

Thank you

sherry tee said...

, I would love to have consultation with you to start my Sisterlocks.

Thank you

sherry tee said...

Hi, I'm not very good online. I love your photos and info. I have tried email and posting on here 3 times now to contact you with no joy.

please contact me.