Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Loc'd 3.8 Years ... where do my products go?

THIS is my main product benefactor! This young man reaps the benefit of my junkyism ;) He has a healthy amount of hair ... I don't know how long he plans on growing it, but I'm getting worried!

Last barber cut December 2010,  ... 2 years natural.
How come men have hair that grows like weeds? They LEAVE IT ALONE that's HOW! ...KMT
Had to prove to you all that my excess of acquired products are seriously NOT wasted! ;)

This boy gives me work I thought I had surpassed, having had only one daughter!! Well Mr thirsty hair swallows shampoo and conditioner in vast amounts, and I mean LOTS. Strangely enough all my leave in products work well for him, the most effective shampoo for him is Creme of Nature Argan Oil, its fantastic, also included is the Creme of Nature moisturisin shampoo.


TIGI love peace and the planet  leave in works well for him,
Also new discovery  Matrix Biolage Hydrating Hair Tonic, smells amazing very moisturising, but NOT
for locs, BUILD UP! I am recovering from this experience, Happily I have found that SUAVE and ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo (moisture, build up remover) work well together so far for my current winter loc needs. Must say, the very best, most effective, non build up product award goes to PAUL MITCHELLs AWAPUHI moisture mist FOREVER!! Currently £15 worth per 500ml, but worth every cent!


Bajan Lily said...

His hair looks great: strong & healthy. Well done!

anthia-ofo said...

Is that your son? He has loads of hair! Funny, I gave my awapuhi moisture to my daughter bc I thought it wasnt doing the job. That was 2 yrs ago. Might re-visit it.

Nai said...

Hey Bajan x
It is, we thank God because I do his hair under MUCH duress LOL! Seriously.

Nai said...

Hey OFO x
Yes that's my middle one, decided he wants long hair, but tender head and can't take the 'process' ...
His hair does grow very fast, but think that is a man thing ... I hope he gets fed up soon, it's hard work! :)

At first I didn't, but longer requires moist and leaves hair nice and soft and very delicate in scent. Made up my mind I gotta stock up in case it disappears.