Saturday, 16 March 2013

3 Years 9 Months and a Sisterlock DEEP CLEANSE!

My recent/current fixation  has been to focus on cleanliness, the avoidance of  build up and to deter the possibility of mildew. I have reduced my hair washing routine to once a week. Happily my scalp is not itchy, but my product use is minimal. I am strictly dieting on Awapuhi only, every day spritz. I have switched shampoos to a new (ok almost discontinued brands of Radiant Lili Pili by MOLTON BROWN. courtesy of TKMaxx (whats new? ;))  Nai's locks are not faithful and will love anything that loves them!

Radiant Lili lives up to her name! it makes my locks look and feel so soft, silky and healthy, loveing the feeling (serious hand in hair itis). non creamy,  clear coloured simple scented, does the job with good body.
I am also newly enamoured with COWSHED beauty brand, Cowlick shampoo, smells gorge with a great ginger candy scent, (the Wild Cow body lotion links well) The quality is so good, love using it, its labelled gentle and have no SLS....

SUPER CLEANSE products and process. (last weekend).

So I gathered them all together, boiled the water, planned my strategic positioning, (to enable full and complete lock emersion and soaking ...
I used ...

200ml ACV
2 squirts Ecover washing up liquid.
Suave shampoo
1 kettle full boiled water.
I bowl

I mixed them all together and plonked my head (carefully!!) into the bowl for ... a long time! Approx  30mins. when the water cooled i began to wash it using the suave, my Slocs felt a bit dehydrated, and the whole house scented like a vinegar factory. the water was gritty and dirty when I disposed of it in the bath - I was actually surprised at how dirty it was ... I think this has to be a Bi annual process from now on.

The results.

Progress is being made taking care of this young  mans lovely hair, although its hard work for me, as if I don't have enough to contend with!
Now at least I am teaching him how to wash it. (its not difficult) especially with Creme of Nature Ultra moisturising shampoo AND Argan oil shampoo which really enhances softness and total manageability.


PSLoveCharli said...

you have very beautiful locs! please keep us updated! and thanks for the deep cleansing wash tips! xo


Nai said...

Hi PSLoveCharli
Thank for the love and for reading! ;D x