Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Living, Loving Locks @ 3 years 10 months.

Has spring has finally sprung, or should it be summer? ... hmm!

So it was my turn to reti, coincidentally it was the end of spring term and we were off for Easter break, so of course I would have bus loads of time to do my own reti ... right? ... NOT!

No, I did not ... no I did not want to, NO!
Actually it was my consultants turn (we alternate where possible) However, something came up and we had to cancel, it was still term time, and I originally thought that I would be cool.

Turns out I was so very tired and really wanted needed pampering.
Its hard to get a good appointment at short notice as most consults and booked up way ahead of time. However, it was not to be, by the time I realised that I had better deal with it I was a clear 2 weeks past my reti schedule.
However, the process surprised me, this time. I was almost at 7 weeks and reluctantly picked up my tool kit, clips and bands and started tightening at the back of my head. I started at about 6.00pm one evening, but by 11.00pm I had completed 3/4 of my head, without any mess ups. I continued the next morning and completed the task within 3 hours.
That's not bad at all for me. I thought the longer I left between reti's the longer the process and harder it would be, but it turned out quite the opposite.
I am seriously considering changing to 6 weeks now. I am also washing my locks once a week because they take too long to dry in the evening and I don't want to go to sleep with damp locks to avoid mildew.

Life with locks.

My fourth locversary is swiftly approaching (May end) in exactly 6 weeks  :).
I am noticing the growth spurt we all hear about that happens from approx year 3 - 4. I consistently braid my locs at night now using Taaliah Waajids Crinkles and Curls, as doing so creates great body. On a daily basis I wear hair bands on my wrist so that I can put it all up in a quick ponytail, if I am honest it is to keep it out of the way!!
Today I could feel them 'flapping' on my back if I made a sudden movement, then I caught a reflection and saw them reaching down to the centre of my back.  I turn my head and feel as if I have a  scarf sitting on my shoulders, (summer will be interesting! ;) I am NOT complaining, I just find the sudden increase interesting and know that I have to take extra care and pay attention when looking after them, it is not a problem, in fact a welcome responsibility!
I wanted locs now I have to be willing to maintain them to a high standard.
 Sisterlocks in the beginning are quite low maintenance, but the longer they grow, the
more time needs to be invested. Generally I place self maintenance at the top of my list of priorities, so I am happy and ready to do what I have to do. I'm still brushing intermittently, I find if I braid more, I brush less. I have also purchased 2 more brushes in order to find the most suitable, currently I am using a 100 per cent Boar brush, will let you know how that goes.


Bajan Lily said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this. Looking good there Madame xx

Locksie C said...

Beautiful. I agree maintenance at the beginning was easy as it grows it needs more attention. Learning more from sites like yours every day. Keep up the excellent grooming of your beautiful locks. x