Thursday, 9 July 2009


What a week!!! Swine Flu at school! well most schools in the area have reported cases, except ours! What a tangled web we weave .... huh!

Anyway my hair story so far ...

Ok I am still a product junkie, I am not using anything but I am big on planning and preparing for the future. So have invested in the most recommended extras that can enhance the condition of the locks. I like the spritz recipes that fellow blogger Gigglz makes, I did try a little, however, plain water seems best... My hair does feel a bit dry but looks good so hey, whateva! Looking forward to my retightening date. so these are the last pics until then.

Life can be very hard, but GOD is equally very good, though he slay ... yet will I trust him, He said he will never leave me, nor forsake me, and that I will not be ashamed nor my hope in him be disappointed.... (psalms 31) I WILL trust in him ... no matter what and will not fear what man can do to me!!
Peace x

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