Wednesday, 15 July 2009

1st Retightening and Wash 13/07/09

First of all, my apologies for just throwing on pics and not detailing.

Monday 13th July I had my first retight which began at 4pm and finished about 7 pm that evening.

My consultant then instructed me on how to band and braid my

locs so I could wash my hair.

I do not have the sisterlocks products but was advised to use

Neutrogena T gel shampoo. I was excited to wash but could not do it the same evening so planned on devoting the next day to enjoying the process ...

Sad ! the highlight of that week was washing my lovely locs! LOL!

any way as you can see the results are as seen. 3 hours to retight

and the pics opposite display the reappearance of my partings

and the definition of the loc's. All these pics were taken straight after my first wash.

Because of the texture of my hair, my loc's remain sprung! (hmm that may explain it ...) yes my hair is

very soft to the touch and remains coiled, the length (growth is not very obvious at this stage) but you know I do not care! I LOVE it short!! never thought I would say it!

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