Friday, 12 August 2011

Summer, 27 months locked in love ...

I have been on summer break (6 weeks)  for a couple of weeks now, and looong may it continue!!

Recovering from the flu, yes flu not a cold, flu. The one where you hurt in random places you didn't know could hurt. It subtly hit me mid last week of term, maybe due to it being the end of another school year, my body raced ahead of time and decided to relax ... then POW!

The ONLY thing that looked decent about me then, was ... yes you guessed it, my hair!

I have relaxed a LOT regarding products and potter to the shower now picking up one of my regulars.
I have tried a new Lush product today which doubles as a shower gel/shampoo ...
B Never too busy to B beautiful (or sumthin like that!)

My perspective is this ... Lush products have that edge where I experienced absolutely NO build up over the last few months. NONE and my lovely hair grows stronger, thicker, lovelier.

The only thing I want now is to try Sisterlocks stuff ... YEP I WANT ... to erm ... TEST, is that right Ofo?
ofo's (DIY) sisterlocks ... test? (GRIN)

Yesterday I managed to drag myself away from the craziness going on and spend a good HOUR washing it all outta ma head! And I really did!

I used T Gel for dry hair, and then BIG. as big gives me a lotta body. I must say I was a bit slack on moisturising, in fact since the holidays began I have been extremely lax in my haircare regime in general. Yes really, me ... well slack (LOL!)
Holland and B have another 'penny sale' and I got my pure coconut oil buy one get one for a penny.
my locks love it!

Truly Lazy days of summer .... and may they last forever ...


anthia-ofo said...

Yeah tester*grin*. Whatd'you mean H&B are having a buy one get one for 1p? I never saw it over here.Am I missing something? Are all those lush products in the pic yours. I'm gonna write to the company with a full description of you."Close de shop when you see that woman on the horizon!!" haha! I bet they love you to bits. My other post disappeared so sorry if I post 2x

Nai said...

@ Ofo ... haaaaaaaaaaa!close de shop ... haaaaa
you better warn George cos I calling him TODAYYYYY!

Lush = yes but i got a lot for my birthday too .... ahem xxx

Thandi said...