Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Colour? Maybe ... not!

So Carol and I take a trip to the local to Lush ... Which really is not so local! On the way back on the train we decide to divert to Jinny ... Black hair and beauty supplies store. We peruse the store for various things, I am constanly on the lookout for a good non alcohol based moisturiser for my loc's, and Carol ... Hair dye. Suddenly I have this great desire to colour my hair!
I thought about it on and off but remember the results of colouring my natural hair in the past, and regreting it. Then I look at Carols and her newbie baby locks look lovely with this same brown Cinnamon shade. Lovely!

So I get on the phone to  Liz and ask if she colours her own locs ... and errrr ...  could I colour mine?

GUESS what she said?! ...  NO!

Nai ... no darling, not your hair ... it's still too soft! She did not want to have to re do my whole head!

So, undeterred, I thought about another temporary method. So I found this Dark and Lovely Colour Flash  Mousse  that washes out in 6 to 8 washes. Yaaay ... I thought ...

I used Copper ... sumthin ... Copper Burst.

The Process

After the Wedding  ... result of colour and braid out

The Day After the night before ...

What did I think?? 


Firstly, I  understand that to get a good colour peroxide/ammonia MAY be necessary, and I don't want to go down that road right now.

... this product gave something of a colour, although it felt like a residue ... I did this the day before a wedding I had to attend. My Locks were fine on the day, but this image is a day after, 
I couldn't stand it!!! The colour was there but the condition was YUK. It felt dry and rough like some sort of coating was on it ... nasty! 

I LOVE to play in my hair and I could not stand how it felt after using that cheap dye!

So as you can imagine I took this pic and immediately went to WASH that C**P OUT! 


It REALLY was not nice at all! 
I even picked up a bottle of SLS filled Herbal Essence Hello Hydration to help me remove and restore !
I washed it twice with HH then twice with Lush Curly Wurly and  then drenched it with Lush American Cream Conditioner. 

American Cream ... my latest Lush love! It has the consistency that works for me! It has a creamy colour but is not thick , I add a little water to it and apply . 

Ofo! ...  IT SMELLS BEA UUU TIFUL! haahaha!
I got a small bottle for about £4/5 pounds ... then another. Now I need a bigger bottle!

I had stopped conditioning for a long while, using Curly Wurly when I needed a moisturising/conditioning wash.  American 'dream' Cream ... hmmm ... LUSH!


Locksie C said...

Lol, Lol. Nai you make me laugh your blog is so amusing. I am sure the hairdresser use to use this dye on my relaxed hair. Well at least you had colour for a day. They do say that colouring your hair changes the texture and I suppose because these are locks the dye just sat on it....

Tell you something though you must have the cleanest locks ever!!!

Nai said...

CHUPs! yep I guess I do!


C man it was nasty i tell you! Then i find my fast self in Klass this mornin looking at another one called VIA ...said it was natural ...kmt! i just put it back cha!

anthia-ofo said...

We need to get a strait-jacket and come round... only to protect you from yourself hahaha! What's the condish called again?..american dream cream? oh my- get me the strait-jacket Nai! I'm going to get a sample.