Thursday, 8 September 2011

Comparisons: Months 15 and 27

Back on the grind in less than 48 hours. ( 30 august 2011) 

Today was school uniform day ... prep for the new school year.

I have one more full last day of this holiday left. I have loved it, every last day I spent with my babies, the weddings and fun and laughter we shared together.  This break was good ... no this break was great! Thank you Lord!

SIGH ...

Today was my turn ( this weekend) to do my own ReTi ... But these are my last few days and  I want to spend them relaxing so I managed to get an appointment with Liz and the young ladies. ;)

A week Later ... post still in draft section of blogger ... LOL!
I had started but was unable to finish, life is busy and finding the time to post is not easy. I have actually spent this summer in the garden, which has been fantastic.

This stage (27 months) Teenage?  Mature? I am not really sure but they get better every day, thicker healthier and longer, a little more complicated to take care of. 

Longer Locs, larger responsibility.

My washing regime is inconsistent. I let my locs dictate the need. Yesterday I washed them because they had a 'scent' I was unfamiliar with. I condition ... whenever! One day I will use a little coconut oil while still damp, another day I will wait until the following day. I have no set system and my product use vary depending on my mood. 

Yesterday I got out a vintage bottle of Olive Glossing Shampoo from Body Shop ( discontinued) I have 2 big bottles. I love the scent and feel. Oh well  .... by the time I use it all up maybe they will bring it back as a retro product ... who knows!!

I do plan, however, to try out the original sisterlocks products asap. Now that they are in easy reach of my post (zip) code 

2 years and 3 months. Found comparison pics ( 1 year 3 months) coincidentally, a year to the day. 

30 August 2011

30 August 2010

August 2010

30 August 2010


V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

I love your routine.....just go with the flow. Has it been 2 yrs already? Your hair is growing like crazy! Continue to enjoy your journey. Take Care,

anthia-ofo said...

Time flies when you're having fun. Your hair looks longer thicker&fuller.

Bajan Lily said...

Fabulous (as always) :)
And glad you made the most of summer: happened to me too! Lol

Terez said...

Your locs look amazing. How did you start yours?