Saturday, 1 August 2009

Whats going on ...? Well ...

Hey all! have been a bit crap at blogging, please forgive me! Well I am at my second month milepost. Lots happening personally, Three weddings and a 41st birthday (my own birthday may I add)

I love my hair. I know it sounds quite cliche, however I am known for changing my hair style on the regular, so having locs is very different for me. In fact for a long time now I had been debating with my then hair dresser what my next move would be, My hair was so fine that a relaxer left my hair wispy and lacking volume, It was my hairdresser (who is actually a good friend) who suggested loc's ... for life!. On my penultimate salon trip I met my consultants daughter, who at that time was taking her loc's down to try her first relaxer... I did see a few that remained but was not inspired by them. Not because i did'nt like them but i had to be sure ...

Within that week, I Suddenly just KNEW it was a route that I had to take, mainly in order to guarentee hair by fifty!!! Chemicals for me were no longer an option ... PERIOD!

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