Saturday, 11 September 2010

So ... what have I been up to ...?

Ok ... my blogging has been sparse, but for good reason. I have a confession to make, I discovered the ...


Yes, feel free to laugh!

I was never known for my athletic prowess EVER! I despised games or P.E.

(Later in life i discovered my gifts lay elsewhere ... ;)))

However, at the start of summer I investigated ZUMBA, a work colleague recommended it, as she ASSUMED that I already exercised etc.  I have had about 3 memberships but the majority of the time I did not turn up! TWO good friends are trained fitness instructors ... and still I was not inspired.
Even after having the children the most I would do was a few crunches and leg lifts ( whilst still on the bed!!!)

I admit, I have been blessed, and not needed to either diet or exercise and I sometimes eat unhealthy food ... God is good in ALL things ... trust me.

Over the last 2 years my weight dropped to about 8 stone. I was not happy, I was thin, and losing my best assets. For some, that may be a dream come true, however, my genetics include generous curves, you know what I mean!

Over the last months my weight has increased and my butt has returned to its former glory.
After each Zumba class I felt great, and thanks to another class mate I tried another non dance class ... and I AM IN LOVE!


I never thought I had an addictive nature, but boy, I am training now at least 4 to 5 days a week. Even NOW I am rushing to get off here, to cook and get ready for my class this morning!

The atmosphere there, its really relaxed.

Maybe it is just my time, it has taken me 35 years but I'm loving it right now, oh and not forgetting the best part, I could see clear results after 2 weeks, definition ... hmm ...  yes ... loving the results LOL!

On the not so brilliant side,  I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!

I am not trying to lose weight I just think I have a lot of energy and have found a good way to burn it.
As for my locks, I have kinda neglected them, although it is a blessing to have them as I also steam room    a couple times a week too.

So Bajan Lily I retract my previous statement!

Sooo thats me for this week , sorry! lol! gotta go! Bless x


Thandi said...

LOL.Working out is def addictive!I'm having withdrawal as I type.Exams coming up so I had to make do with only cycling this morning.

Nai said...

Withdrawal! I missed a class yesterday ... and counted every second! have the option to attend 2 tonite ... hmmm what shall I do ??? ;)