Saturday, 29 October 2011

Reflection, Autumn Routines and Staple Products.


Having locks is an absolute JOY! All my people notice and love the thicker, healthier, fuller body. 
Most of all pampering myself by caring for them is a hobbie in itself.
Its not just locks/hair products that I PJ on, I have a skin care addiction too! 
I love variety, therefore I have a lot to choose from, I think hard about what my locks need at that moment on that day. 
I had a long chilled out hair cleansing this afternoon and chose to use Head Organics Hydrating Shampoo, Moisture Maniac and Let It Be cherry and Almond leave in conditioner. Mmm.  
As they are fully shoulder length and beyond, hair drying time now takes hours, I washed them at around 2-3pm they have just dried at 8.50 pm. I once used a hair drier but didnt like the results.
Last Saturday I went for a floatation treatment, A pod of epsom salt saturated water that allows a person to float, it was cool. I wondered what the effect would be on my hair, although I know that salt is used to help form locks. I had the choice of a hair drier or weather, and I chose weather. So I walked around Romford  with damp locks that dried leaving my locks feeling and smelling lovely.
Now thats what I call FREEDOM!

A List of my MUST have/use this Autumn ...

Head Organics does not seem to be available any longer, now thats a big shame because although I have a GIANT bottle, which could last me a looong time, I might like it! 

BIG is a GREAT Clarifier, I will love it forEVER! My locks feel so soft and CLEAN!

1. Moisture Maniac and Let it be cherry almond leave in conditioners.
2. Coconut oil. 
3. Rosewater and Glycerin.
4. Awapuhi Moisture Mist (Paul Mitchell) becoming rare, took me a week to get!

May need to include apple cider viniger rinses ...

Saturday Morning ReTi - Liz

Yes, this blog took 2 evenings to write. I woke up early and hit the road to have my ReTi, Liz's turn ... 
 ... this time was very interesting as the last ReTi I did, I managed to combine 6 locks  ... KMT!!  I forgot to tell you!  

In fact I combined more, but managed to undo a couple. The worst I have ever done. I was blessed to have Celeste who meticulously managed to undo each one of them for me, thank the LORD!  Liz was about to pull out the dreaded SCISSORS!

Sometimes I wonder if I should just go to Lizzies EVERY month cos this is getting silly! LOL!
On the matter of combining locks ... Cand had to join 2 very fine locks as they were no longer sustainable as they were ... 

: /

12 Oct 2010 

                                                           29 Oct 2011   

Half term is over, no more time on my hands, thank you to all of those who leave comments, your contributions and following is and are appreciated. Will try and keep up the blogging ... 
Nai... NJoi ... x


anthia-ofo said...

Nai, I found Head organics shampoo. It was the LAST bottle but it will last a loooong time. I approve of the ingredients lol. I haven't found moisture maniac or Let it be cherry but the Head organics might be enough to keep my locs moisturised. I used awapuhi moisture mist a few years back- Didn't really do anything for me. You seem to have you routine down to a T.

Sister Locked Bajan said...

Hi Nai,
I enjoy reading about your hair adventures. I'm encouraged by what you have to say about your product finds. Some of these products are not available in Barbados but I'm constantly looking to find the perfect fit in products for my sister locks too.

Take care and be blessed. Enjoy the second part of your term.

anthia-ofo said...

Nai!! 2nd try at posting this post lol! That Head organics is the truth! Love it. Is it really being discontinued? I see it's on Amazon. Today, what should I find (in TKMaxx hemel) tucked away on a sale shelf? TIGI Moisture Maniac! Of course I got it. I will soon have a post all dedicated to you.

Nai said...


We need to thank a certain Mister, He was the one who took, no dragged, me into TKmaxx as I 'neva like dat place' for the MESS, (in some branches), needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised, as HO was the very first thing I saw upon arrival!
I can't be certain, but I have googled HO Hydrating shampoo, can't find it. ;( if you find it again, let me know!
And A special THANK YOU sooo much for being such a great fellow blogger. I appreciate you!

Nai said...

Hi SisterLockedBajan, ;)))

As above I was totally blessed to find your message first thing this morning! THank you for letting me know that it helps, you make it worth the effort!

Regarding the products, Is Amazon costly (postage, import costs etc) in Barbados? I get a LOT of products via them.

Have a great week and Bless you too!

Bajan Lily said...

Hello sister N :)
I am here to confess that aside from logging on to your blog to giggle at your PJ'ism and escapades, I eagerly scroll down to the comments section to see what you and Anthia are up to! Lol. Love you both - keep blogging!
Ps any chance of us meeting up?

Nai said...

BJ!!!! Heyyyyyy !!!

Aww Lovely, again I am glad to entertain you! Would LOVE to meet!!! ASAP uh oj

Nai said...

@ Bajan
HAHA had to run, break over! Yes a meet up would be Lovely!!!!! Especially as you appear to be MISSING KMT!!!
;o) and especially as we didnt get a chance at the SL meetup. June. inbox me? :o)