Wednesday, 26 August 2009

12 weeks tomorrow, 3 months exactly on Friday ..:)

This six week school holiday has been the very best so far! WHY?? Because I have acheived so much and made sure everything I wanted to do for myself I did it. For the first time in my life I made the most of my time ... and money!

I am very blessed in so many ways and I really need to give thanks to God for his many blessings in my life, He has been, is and will continue to be sooo good to me and my children. He has not failed and never will.

We had an amazing time at the weddings this summer. Last weekend I went and spent time with a close friend who I have not seen in a looong time. We went out and had a hilarious time.

At the beginning of summer I had an agenda to pay special attention to my heart and love me. In doing so I spent a lot of time pleasing me, taking care of me and listening to my heart. I stopped worrying about money and denied myself nothing. To coin a phrase I ' Ate the cookie and bought the shoes! ' (in pink and purple ... tee hee). I stayed in bed longer, ate some junk food, took a ride on trains, stayed in hotels, spent money on my favourite Champneys and Body shop products and bought extra supply of Black Soap.

I have decided to live, and do it well! One life ... no dress rehearsal. Bills always come and get paid. I need to treat my personal needs equal to them, and with equal reverence. self sacrifice is good for a time, it teaches discipline, but one must not make a habit of it.

Black soap ...

Well I never really believe hype but this product is IT for me. I have suffered from horrible bouts of acne since my first pregnancy ... the only then cure was the contraceptive pill. I HATED those and would not take them for long bouts because I could feel the changes in my body and did not like that. Having a lot of male children only aggravated the problem. I have taken more pics this evening to show how even the scarring is healing well.

My Locs...

hmmmmm there has been a change! I have not 'wet' them for a few days and they have 'dropped' I woke up one morning to find them longer suddenly, especially across my forehead.They still feel very soft (love feeling them!) play with my hair while driving and love when the wind blows through my hair.

Oh yes! at my last retight my trainee counted half my head on one side on counted 180! the other side was not done and was fuller so she guesstimated approx 400 locs!

Hair washing ...

also that day I washed my hair .... well all I can say is that Herbal Essence girl had nothin on me!

Ok I could not really manipulate my scalp but I set the shower to fast pulse and let it massage for me!!! OH BOOOYYY was that good... better stop now cos I am tempted to go wash it again!

Creating my own bit of heaven ...

I am a lover of peace and serenity and tranquility, I like certain types of music at certain times, colours, fabrics etc. I love my home, It has become my sanctuary and its essential that I can walk from room to room and feel a deep sense of peace and love. Especially while working in particular enviroments! One needs a place to rest your head.

Today was a landmark event. I moved here in dec o6 and originally just stored a lot of stuff in the garage, but for months now it was bugging me that I need to clear out ... Now! So today we did. and BOY was it amazing! We need to get rid of old things and anything attached to them... especially to make room. You can't have increase unless you make room for it ... simple.

There are certain things I need in my life right now, so, physically, spiritually and emotionally I am clearing out the clutter and rubbish of the past and making lots of room for the new and good things to come in ... stay blessed ...

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