Saturday, 1 August 2009

Spirit of the Natural (Nao) me

I have heard that a lot of fellow lockers feel a shift spiritually on the loc's journey. This is true for me, and strangely enough coinsided with an abrupt end to a particular 'journey'.
My hair ... is not just my hair ... its about my head ... and who I allow to 'mould' it.

Not just anyone could be my hairdresser, they have to be 'a safe pair of hands' spiritually.

One method of stress relief for me has been the washing of my hair (massaging the scalp) and the new style.
A new hair style could change my whole outlook and lift me out of any feelings of melancholy or misery.
The freedom and naturalness of just having my own natural hair has been amazing ... liberating, exciting and empowering ... YES AALLLL of that! I now feel if someone say's that I look good, I KNOW its the natural beauty of me they like, not any artificial addition/alteration that made the difference.

I still cannot wash my hair regularly (only once a month at the moment) but that time will come!
I do confess I still have the product junkie bug and have purchased a varied range of recommended loc products. The most recent was africare, i like Paul Mitchells Awapuhi but will not need it for a while (it is good for skin generally. I think the Africare product will work well for me because I confess to have used it twice and it behaved JUST like water but with a BEAUTIFUL scent! I used it for a wedding last week, not a lot just a little ... tee hee.
My diet has also changed drastically, I am almost fully vegetarian now, especially around cycle time.
The products I now use on my skin are natural non commercial brands.
My skin, once problematic, has changed completely, I have had no heat rash which I suffered with every summer, and the acne has reduced drastically.
It appears that locing is not just about hair but a holistic revamp, a complete change of the way I view beauty and skincare.
Naomi is enjoying the new me ... naturally ... x

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