Saturday, 1 August 2009

Progress... details please!

Well ... I am a freestyler (by nature!) I do nothing with my loc's and for good reason. I have been an avid follower of a few fellow bloggers, Gigglz is great! she happily tries and tests products and spritzs for me so I know what is what! loooool! But one young inspiration was/is Kay exquisite, she soo reminds me of myself, she did things I would have done, had she not gone before me I would have done the same as she did, but i paid attention and learnt a lot.

Well N'joi's locks are very soft. On retight we discovered quite a few had unravelled particularly in the centre area ... hmmm but not obvious, I did have a bit of dry scalp (not a lot, but still) and a few reinstalled (about 8 or 9)

I am not permitted to wear any type of band or scarf. I cannot braid even slightly so that counts out the braid out thing everyone else seems to do and definately no rollers etc!

It is a good thing I like freestyling!!! My retight happened on the seventh week and my next is due on the 13th of August exactly four weeks from the previous one) just before my 3 month mark. I have reduced the amount of spritzing with water and lemon juice because I suspect that that may be the reason for the slippage.

So it seems, I have to avoid as much manipulation as possible to in order to keep my loc's!

And to tell the truth I think that is the best thing for me, I was never much good at hairstyling and always opted for simple and easy methods of styling. little effort, bets results ... less is more in this case.

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