Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Black Soap

African Black Soap.
My lock journey had me reading information from every source at least two months before Iloc'd up. One site mentioned Black Soap for cleansing loc's ... I added that site to my fave's ffor future reference. Then a morroccan friend of mine gave me a small container at work, because I was complaining about the acne and scarring. She did say that it was good and i would see the results over time.Well my other friend had no patience but I had tried EVERYTHING from Doctor to diet and nothing apart from contraceptive pills worked and I really had no intentions of going back down THAT road again! Well I am PLEASED to say that it has amazed even ME! I had noticed over the last 2 weeks that the breakouts have reduced and the scarring is fading. My skin is no longer irritated or sore.This does not only apply to my face, Every summer i suffer from prickly heat, (heat rash) so severly that I take medication. NOT this summer. For the second year since puberty (the first being my pregnancy with my third son) I have not had even a spot! Havin read the label it does basically list all the issues it can relieve.
I confess i did not really believe at first bit I am very happy with the results. See for youselves!Now (today) and then......
AAA African Shea Butter Company
Natural African Liquid Soap.
based in Atlanta Georgia
Imported from Ghana ...


Naijean said...

I have the same problems with my skin. I am going to get this product. Hopefully it will work for me as well as it did for you.

N'Joi ... naturally...x said...

Hey .. I Hope so too! It has been such a battle! You don't see the results immediately, but it has been obvious over the last few weeks. I must add tho, stress was also a factor and I am no longer in that arena. Today I did not have one single spot on my face and believe me that is an acheivement! :)