Thursday, 13 August 2009

2.5 months and 2nd retightening!!!

Hey everyone! Well a lot happening this week
my closest friend got married last saturday
and my cuz is getting married this coming saturday soo here we go...
Here is a before retight pic from this morning, just before I left for my appointment, below is a straight after pic, pre wash.

Gotta be quick cos I aint finish packing yet LOL!! My first retight took 3 hours and hurt me!!! 2nd retight 2 1/2 hours and two trainees did them for me. We had fun, they were great x x.

Below is a pic after wash, my second hair wash since May 28th!!!
Boy did I ever enjoy that experience looool!!! Will be describing that experience in my next blog! trust me! I cannot deny there has been a lot of growth and it appears the best time for me to retight is every 4 weeks (monthly) There has been no slippage, repeat



N'Joi out! lovein this loc journey ... who's gonna party real hard this weekend? ...
Naomi naturally ... x

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