Friday, 4 June 2010

Season of the sun ... moisturising

Morning all,

The sun is shining and early morning its lovely and warm,

I am on the hunt for the best moisturising solution for my hair. Have spent (some) of this week trawling the web of natural hair blogs and vids for help.

It appears that I may have to make my own ...problem is the cost, I do not buy small or cheap  ... hmm

JML, as mentioned before, works well but is not a clear liquid, and I would rather avoid any chance of build up (even though it says it does not). In fact it works best straight after washing or just before a wash.

Coconut oil based products seem to work very well on my locs, Natures shine is excellent!
Inecto coconut glossing spray is 'Ok'

However I need WATER too, So, I always need to use 2 products one oilbased and one water.

Yesterday I used African Healing oil first (straight after shower) and then sprayed with PM's Awapuhi moisture mist. This morning the locs look good. not dry and dull, and no 'tacky' feel to them as some products have done in the past.. ( I found that with Taliah Waajids mist bodifier)

So what is the regimen?

Well I feel it is best to oil twice weekly and water based spritz daily (for summer anyway) and try to resist washing until 2 weeks. (or at least till I stop slipping)

Hmm ...  I feel like visiting the sauna/steam room ...

Bajan Lily !!! this is just for youuuuu xxx and all my other british loc lurkers!
                                               TO BE CONTINUED LATER|!!... sorry, sunny, gotta go out LOL!
N'joi .... naturally !!! xx


Bajan Lily said...

Lol - I love the abrupt ending, but I know how it is! I hope you enjoyed it!

I love Baldwins - that's where I've been getting the fractionated coconut oil (and essential oils) now. T'was definitely worth the parking fees to go have a wonder through their shop. They stock Jason shampoos and conditioners too - 1 more reason for me to like them :)

Will go check out Pak.
The olive oil deep condish thing I mentioned is simply dousing (like really dousing) your hair in olive oil and really working it in - then leaving it in (overnight is best) before shampooing or just rinsing it out.

Nai said...

Hun you know how inglan do!!!
next minute it snow! KMT!

How do you find the Jason products? I saw them but didn't try. uh oh , you know me ... So doo tell honey :)))

Olive OIL? sleep? Pillow? BED? ahem. I will try get up early then wash out after 12 hours ... Hows that? ha ha.

Bajieee ... just to say, your hair looked good then and even betta NOW! scraggly! chups!!

Bajan Lily said...

lol, I forgot to say you have to wear a cap or plastic bag or whatever if you go to bed with the oil in lol - but the next day - when you rinse/wash it out - your hair will be super soft. Of course - my guess is that your locs may also unravel lol so I haven't the guts to try it on my locked hair yet but it works for my daughter, mum and mother in law etc.

I wasn't sure about Jason til I tried them myself. Am supposed to write the review but until then - my fav is the Jojoba one and the sea kelp one - but for some strange reason they both seem to smell like coconuts rofl.

ps - come on you can admit it - they DID look a bit scraggly at the beginning!

Bajan Lily said...

ps ROFL re snow! Ain't no place like home hahahha

Nai said...

ROFL!! I was thinking all of that WID de bag on ma head, (or rather over ma face when I wake up HA HA!!) and the rest you can imagine!

please do not tell me you is playing wid me on here and not on da beach? NOT I!!! I need some sun, sea, sand, sunrise and sunsets real bad!!! so mek sure you bring we some REAL sun when you come back!

Jasons ... hmmm I read about them, I wanted it becos I am coconut crazy hmmm ... you like them a lot then? no dryness?

(now where is my debit/credit card ahemmmmm ;)